BC High prepares for construction of Cadigan Hall

Delano Franklin '17, Contributor

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In case you haven’t heard the news, or the drilling, the first steps toward the construction of Cadigan Hall have begun. While all we can currently see are pile drivers and dramatic construction plans, the 28,000 square foot arts and recreation center is expected to be ready for use in the fall of next year, commemorating BC High’s Sesquicentennial Anniversary.

You may have seen the design plans for the new building, done by Ai3 Architects. This group is known for doing state-of-the-art work on schools throughout Massachusetts. The actual construction of the building is to be done by the same company that built McQuillan Hall, which houses the Commons and the cafeteria.

Cadigan Hall will run parallel to the breezeway and face out towards the practice fields; it will connect Cushing Hall and Walsh Hall. Based off of these design plans, the building will contain a gym, lecture hall, and student activity area, as well as band, choral, and art classrooms. The gym will be used by all Arrupe students and it will hold a 4,200 square foot basketball court! It will also include a volleyball court, wrestling mats, and bleachers capable of seating 300. The lecture hall and student activity area will both have a variety of uses. The band classroom consists of an ensemble area, an instructional area, two practice rooms, and a music storage room. Both the band and choral rooms will be designed to have optimal acoustics. There will be three art rooms, each fully equipped for use, along with a separate kiln room.

As you probably know, the 12 million dollars that is funding this project was donated by the building’s namesake, Patrick Cadigan, Class of 1952. His generous gift was the largest ever received in this school’s history. He wanted to give back to the schools (Boston College, as well as BC High) that helped him get to the position which he is in today. He has said, “My education at BC High and Boston College was a great experience that taught me the importance of hard work, and instilled in me the values and discipline that stayed with me throughout my years. The foundation I received at both schools left an indelible impression on me, and prepared me for success in business and in life.” He is a real estate investor and former CEO that resides in California with his wife.

Cadigan Hall will be a wonderful addition to the school that will permanently benefit the fine and performing arts programs here at this school. This is because the chorus, band, and art programs are in need of more spacious and practical facilities. This 28,000 square foot expansion could not be a more fitting marker of the 150th anniversary of BC High. All of the Arrupe students will use it regularly, as it is expected to be completed by the time our current 8th graders begin their freshman year.

News on the construction’s progress, a live video feed, and pictures detailing construction will become available in the coming weeks and months.

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BC High prepares for construction of Cadigan Hall