“The Art of Screenwriting”

Felipe Montoya '18, Contributor

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The ability to create a world with idiosyncratic characters who interact beautifully with the world, and with each other. The skill of giving a prophetic voice to display the inequitable aspects in the world. The incredulous idea that a story begins as a seed, but then it sprouts to become a world with characters and places that we love. The iconic lines that everyone attempts to recite verbatim. The brilliant dialogue between characters that captivates us into the conflict. The monologues and soliloquies that are written as extensively, almost sounding like beautiful music to the ears. All from a pen, a click on the typewriter or keyboard, all from someone’s mind. The art of screenwriting that is sometimes overlooked. The film is dependent on a screenplay; without a script, there is no film to be made.

The ones who mastered the art include masterminds such as Quentin Tarantino, Aaron Sorkin, David O. Russell, Woody Allen, and Stanley Kubrick. The greats all made their way into the industry different ways. The scripts are not made instantaneously—it takes time to create the world that soon will make a great story. The creation of an outline or brainstorm is seen as a fib to many of the writers that are heavily involved in the art. As Ernest Hemingway said, ” All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed”, and the action of bleeding soon transforms into a story that makes you feel fulfilled. The audience does not matter while the formation of a script is the only thing that should matter is if the story makes sense to you. Does the story display the message that you are trying to show? The path to becoming a professional screenwriter has no definite path, just true passion. I have never written a script in my life, and the arduous im-passes faced when writing a script are not present in my past experiences. However, the prod-uct from screenwriting is an art that I am fully exposed to. The art of screenwriting is one that most appeals, one that seems most especially captivating, and one that seems most fitting.

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“The Art of Screenwriting”