10 Cloverfield Lane Film Review

Felipe Montoya '18

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The new film 10 Cloverfield Lane is a sci-fi thriller that stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Goodman, and John Gallagher Jr.. The film has no relation with the film Cloverfield; it is not a sequel, nor is it a spin-off. The film mostly uses tension to captivate the audience, and it uses the tension well. The plot begins with a young woman, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, getting in a car accident. John Goodman’s character saves her from the accident, and he takes her to a bomb shelter because he believes that the world is destroyed with no one alive.

Although the film only has three characters on screen, all of the actors gave outstanding performances. John Goodman’s performance was the most impressive and prominent out of the three. He gave an unsettling performance, and his character offered a lot of apprehension be-cause of his desire to be overly domineering. However, his control was not completely imperi-ous. He was the one who built the shelter, so he had the right to be the leader. His desperate inclination to have the others conform to his ways was extremely authoritarian. It was very hard to tell whether he was being rational or completely insane.

Winstead gave a fantastic performance, and her character made a terrific heroine. She was a problem-solver, not a tenuous character that screams from everything. Usually in horror movies the female character is mindlessly screaming and doing things that the audience knows she must not. In this film, our female lead is ahead of the audience, and she is clever. Her clan-destine plans were enjoyable to watch as she tried to keep them from Goodman’s character.

The film always gives the audience something to worry about. There are always prob-lems that the audience must keep in mind. The unraveling of the mystery did feel a bit rushed, but it was certainly pleasant to watch. Every scene in this movie is not a waste, with each detail significant to the plot. The way that the other characters find out about the Goodman’s character is well done. The gradual revelation that leads to a major epiphany is perfected with a lot of ten-sion, but also pacing. My only problem with the film was the end, it seemed too abrupt and unin-spired.

The claustrophobic and tension filled thriller is highly worth watching. It is hard to believe that this is the director’s first feature film. The director, Dan Trachtenberg, did not disappoint with this film. Although the movie was not a paragon for true art in cinema, it was good for a start to a director’s career. In the end, 10 Cloverfield Lane was an extremely tense film that offered great performances, captivation, and an exemplar for what a great story should be.

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10 Cloverfield Lane Film Review