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Differences in View

 Gaetano Ragusa '17, Contributor

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I once viewed BC High as a place of wonder. Now, I view it as a second home; a place I can come to and feel welcome. It was once an amazing place I could come to and make friends while learning and experiencing new things. Now, the learning is almost done, friends have been made, and I have experienced just as much as I could have imagined.
I have grown to love BC High, but it is no longer the amazing place I once thought it to be. My love for this place has changed from the love of excitement to a love of the familiar, as I see faces I have seen for the last four years daily sit at the same table for lunch and leave at the same time every day. No matter how much they remodel or change the buildings of BC High, it will always remain the same for me. It will be the place that made me who I am, the place that made me friends, and the place that taught me so much about God and all of His creation. One thing I can say for sure about BC High is that it will never be just some place in Dorchester; it will always be my home.
Though people often move away from home, they always remember certain things about their prior dwellings. Whether it be the sweltering heat of Cushing in the early days of the school year or the distinct smell of the Arrupe wing, I will remember something about this place. I have gained a new respect for BC High over the last few years — one that my younger self neglected to create. The nervousness I once felt walking through the door is ancient history, along with the anxiety that comes with a new year of school. Where I have lost wonder, I have gained respect and love.
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Differences in View