Movie Review: The Accountant

Ian McLaughlin '17, Features Editor

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Unlike Good Will Hunting, this time it’s Ben Afflecks turn to play the socially disturbed math genius. In The Accountant Ben Affleck portrays a cold, calculating, deadly….. accountant. For unknown reasons he “cooks the books” for terrorists, drug dealers, and criminal organizations around the globe. He’s the best at what he does and is the only man for the job.

The movie is a pretty enjoyable romp through a seemingly random selection of aciton movie cliches. Weird, shoe-horned in love interest? Check. Bad guys with killer one-liners? Check. Flashbacks that don’t make any sense until the end? Check. Intense and unexplainable brother-brother rivalry? Of course. The thing that ties it together is that the main character, Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) portrays a high-functioning person with Aspergers so well. His constant awkwardness and small quirks make for great comedic relief throughout the entire movie and help explain the otherwise absurd plot.

Ben Affleck really did seem like the only one who was committed to their character. Maybe it was just poor writing but Anna Kendrick gave a totally uninspired performance as the female love interest and contributed very little to the overall movie. Much like Kendrick, J.K. Simmons had the opportunity to deliver some really emotional, heavy parts but failed to do much of anything.

The absurd plot is something that is committed to throughout the film. First the film opens with a scene midway through a flashback that makes no apparent sense in the start, then periodically explains it. As the movie goes on the I let’s out aconsistent “Ohh…” as the previous 30 minutes of the movie are explained into something semi coherent. Even then, to accept the plot you have to accept a huge series of coincidences that really take you out of the movie. Some parts of the movie seemed intentionally confusing just to keep me scratching my head. This still gives very little explanation why the movie took on so many side plots only to leave them unanswered.

That said, it gets the job done for a light hearted action movie. The action scenes are well done, Affleck shows that he hasn’t lost a touch in that sense since he filmed Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. If you don’t think about the movie too much, it flows pretty well and Afflecks portrayal of Wolff is very funny at times. The movie never takes itself too seriously either which really adds to the experience as a whole, if it was 100% serious about an autistic killer accountant then there might be some serious problems with the film.

I don’t see the movie ever winning any oscars or high acclaims but I do recommend giving it a watch. It’s sets the bar for a solid popcorn flick and not much else, and if you can appreciate then this movie is for you.

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Movie Review: The Accountant