Quiz Bowl

Benjamin Bliss ‘23

If you were asked to name the third ruler of the 19th Dynasty of Egypt, could you? For members of the Quiz Bowl club, you might have buzzed in the answer, Ramses II, before that sentence was even finished. Like many of you, I was unable to recall the great pharaoh, or any other historical figures for that matter. You see, members of this club must have a vast range of knowledge in order to cover almost every category imaginable. In just one meeting I noted questions about Physics, Ancient Greece, US History, Geography, Pop Culture, Chemistry, Literature, and numerous others. The fact that Quiz Bowlers can remember information from 4th grade social studies all the way to high school physics is very impressive, but in a competition they will face other teams with just as good memories. In these matches, an official will read a paragraph describing a random term. A player can buzz in at any time to answer, and if they provide the correct response before a keyword is spoken, then they receive 15 points for their team. This is opposed to the 10 points for getting one right after the keyword is mentioned. After a few normal rounds, teams will answer bonus questions: faster and easier inquiries about a certain topic. The BC High Quiz Bowl team will be put to the test on November 16th, when they take on other schools from around the state. The competition will be held on a college campus that was established in 1636. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it has an acceptance rate of 5.4%. Notable alumni from this Ivy League School include Jeremy Lin, Barack Obama, and Mark Zuckerberg. If you were unable to guess Harvard, then chances are Quiz Bowl might not be for you. However, if it seems interesting, attend a meeting in room M304 at 7:45 on Friday mornings.