The Promising Future of the Student Council

Greater Representation

Brendan DiTullio '21, Staff Writer

          At BC High, the Student Council has always acted as a voice for the student body, advocating the thoughts and opinions of students from all grade levels. However, in recent years, it seems as though the goals of the student council have shifted from building a better school environment to merely making small changes to the student handbook. Realizing that the council had started to stray from its original purpose, Mrs. Fisher and other faculty advisors decided that it was time to give the Student Council a major overhaul in terms of both its student leadership and its representation of the student body as a whole. 

The changes began last year, with the new requirement of having each class come up with a student-organized activity or a charity contributing to a cause of their choosing, such as ALS One. Last year also marked the first time that freshmen were included in the Student Council, further demonstrating the council’s new commitment to being more representative of the student body. The current reforming of the council is undertaken by a Reorganization Committee, consisting of a select group of former Student Council members as well as new students who will be able to bring an up-to-date representation of athletics, arts, and other co-curriculars to the council. This committee will mold the Student Council into a new type of leadership group, one that promotes inclusivity and representation among the student body. In order to broaden the diversity of this committee, they will be working with diversity groups around campus and ensuring that student committee members come from different backgrounds and interests. 

One recent decision made by the Reorganization Committee was to implement new subcommittees into the Student Council. Instead of the whole group working on a singular issue, such as the student handbook, there will now be a subcommittee solely dedicated to handbook-related topics. This subcommittee system will allow the council to maintain a balance between smaller issues and more larger, group-oriented projects. The Reorganization Committee will soon decide on matters such as the size of the council, the process of joining the council, and some of the first issues that the council hopes to address. The new and improved Student Council is set to be established by the end of this academic year, and it hopes to serve as an inclusive vehicle for the voice of the student body.