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Mother-Son Night an Evening of Laughs

Matt Luongo '13, News Editor

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On Monday March 4th over two hundred fifty students and their mothers attended the annual Mother/Son Dinner put on by the Mothers’ Guild. Over five hundred people congregated in McNeice Pavilion for a night of humor, good food, and good times.

By 5:30 pm, students and mothers poured into McNeice to get the best tables close to the stage for a front row seat of the entertainment to come, and seniors and their mothers had the privilege of having tables reserved for them at the front of the crowd. The tables were decorated with flowers, Chinese dining ware, and boxes of desserts for after the meal. With ten chairs to a table, the mothers were able to socialize while their sons joked around over dinner. Raffle tickets were being sold by Mothers’ Guild members walking around before the event started for various prizes.

Raffle winners were announced before dinner started. Dinner was provided by the Chinese restaurant Cathay Pacific and served in a buffet style. There was a mad rush of high school students to the food, as they got in line to wait to pile up their plates with fried rice and chicken fingers. Mr. Gailius was present as the DJ during the dinner, and students and their mothers ate Chinese food to such family favorites as Carlye Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” and Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop.”

After dinner was concluded and dessert eaten, the entertainment began; the professional hypnotist, Jim Spinnato, returned to BC High to entertain the students and their mothers by hypnotizing some seniors. Spinnato began his show by having the audience try a simple test involving imagining your fingers as magnets to determine who was able to be hypnotized. Any senior that found the test working for him was able to volunteer to be a part of the show. The pool of seniors willing to participate was large, so Spinnato picked about eighteen from the crowd to work with as a small group.

After five minutes of a silent crowd, hypnotic music, and the lulling sound of Spinnato’s New Jersey accent, many of the seniors began to drift off and fall asleep. Anyone who did not feel the hypnotic effects left the stage, and after about twenty minutes the group was slimmed down to twelve hypnotized, sleeping seniors.

Spinnato made the crowd burst into laughter numerous times as he made the students do acts of hilarity that were fairly embarrassing. Some students Eskimo kissed, smelled each other’s armpits, were plagued by imaginary wedgies, and even went into the audience to see a fake celebrity. The ease with which Spinnato manipulated them, combined with the silliness that the hypnotized seniors created with their obliviousness, was enough to keep both mothers and sons laughing for minutes on end.

The grand finale of the hypnotism show involved giving each senior a certain song to dance and perform to in front of the audience. Highlights included a rapper that knew no words, “Gangnam Style,” runway modeling, and an air guitarist. Each senior acted completely out of character in whatever they did, and many were embarrassed after they were woken up.

At the end of the show, Spinnato snapped the hypnotized students out of their trance, and they all were confused because they did not realize that they had been on stage for two hours already. Many skeptical students changed their opinions on hypnotism dramatically after seeing some of their best friends act out of character and embarrass themselves like that.

The night was a huge success as both mothers and sons were well fed and well entertained. The large crowd also definitely helped out the Mothers’ Guild with the admission price and raffle tickets. Hilarity ensued, and any future student should definitely ask their mothers to accompany them to next year’s dinner.


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The Eyes and Ears of BC High.
Mother-Son Night an Evening of Laughs