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“The Jesuit High School of Boston” Lives Up to its Name

Sam Vasquez '14, Assistant News Editor

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These past weeks at BC High our core Jesuit ideals have been both celebrated in the community and at the same time critically analyzed by the New England Province of Jesuits. In the midst of our second annual Jesuit Identity Week representatives of our Province visited the school in order to review if we truly are living up to the title “The Jesuit High School of Boston”.

Jesuit Identity Week is a new tradition established last year, inspired by similar practices found at many Jesuit Universities and High Schools.  Mr. McGonangle, Vice Principal of Jesuit Identity, stated that the mission of the week is to raise awareness about the rich history and tradition we have inherited as a Jesuit School.

As part of the celebration you might have noticed a few changes to décor including our mission statement in every classroom and at the school’s entrance along with the display of famous Jesuits in history in the commons. Not only do we have these displays but also certain activities were organized jointly for the week. Luckily for us all due to the inclement weather we  have not missed out! The Heritage Dinner celebrating the international presence that the Jesuits have is now scheduled for April 10th. Another exciting event is the recounting of the life of local BC High Hero, Joseph O’Callahan class of 1922, who won Medal of Honor in his time as a Navy Chaplain, by a famous storyteller, Jay O’Callahan. This event was rescheduled for April 23rd.

While Before the school’s status as a Jesuit institution was assumed or understood with the staff made up of mainly Jesuits, now we must verify our Jesuit status, considering that the numbers of Jesuits among us dwindles periodically. We can not only talk the talk, we must walk the walk in order to carry the Jesuit name.

So the team evaluating just how Jesuit we are, went around campus interviewing teachers, students and staff as well as observing our different activities and programs. Mr. McGonagle assured that we have always been in good standing and failing examination was not much of a fear. And indeed before their departure the evaluating team confirmed that we have been re-approved as a Jesuit school. Although we successfully passed the first evaluation of our school this will not be the last, the agreement with the Province states that every five years we will come under review.

Aside from celebrating those who came before us, Mr. McGonagle hoped that even once all the excitement died down, we would continue to learn about and appreciate our Jesuit ideals and values.

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The Eyes and Ears of BC High.
“The Jesuit High School of Boston” Lives Up to its Name