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Freshmen Olympics Return!

Charles Regan '16, Contributor

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This past Wednesday, October 14, welcomed the return of the Freshman Olympic Games. Most seniors were involved in college visits, the Common App boot camp, or simply a day off. The sophomores and juniors took the PSAT, the freshman battled for Olympic Gold. The freshmen and their Senior Mentors participated in a variety of games, from Sudoko, to a 3-legged race, and the grand finale: the mile relay.
The participants competed in teams based on their MMP homerooms, which each represented a different Jesuit College/University. My Montserrat group had the honor of representing the University of Scranton Royals. We proudly wore the purple and gray colors of Iggy the Royal Wolf. In the 3-Legged Race, we won our heat in a blistering 27 seconds. Unfortunately, the next heat had its slowest time at 27 seconds. Despite losing that event, we pressed on.
We faired better in the hacky sack and soccer competitions. We managed to hack the sack 8 times. Although this may seem paltry, it was sufficient for us to tie for third. The soccer competition was a shoot out, and we managed to score on both Mr. Whitehouse and Mr. Westfield, the two goalkeepers. Our efforts, however, proved to be in vain. We did not win the Freshman Olympics, but we were not in despair. Both the freshmen and the senior mentors of our group found it enjoyable to compete and were very appreciative of the work the teachers put into organizing the day.
The big winners on the day were the members of the Montserrat group representing the a College of the Holy Cross, led by senior mentors: Ashaley Ashley, Ryan Stack, and Joseph Peroni. They won numerous events including 3-on-3 basketball and the illustrious mile relay. Their award will be victory t-shirts, which will be given to them at a future MMP meeting.
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Freshmen Olympics Return!