Diversity Cabinet Seeks New Members

Anthony Alves '16, Contribuor

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Interested in making an impact in our community? Do you wish to combat daily injustices in our community? If yes, then the Diversity Cabinet is for you.

Meeting during both first and second lunches on Tuesday, the Diversity Cabinet works to create and foster a community where everyone can be successful, while pursuing their interests. When issues arise, the club works together to diffuse situations, but also communicate on ways we can prevent the same situations from occurring again. In the Cabinet, some of the best and brightest leaders are members, as they work in unison to promote school pride, develop various leadership skills, and identify issues that need to be resolved.

With racial, religious, and gender issues sweeping the nation, the Cabinet aims to be a symbol of determination. Although those issues are present in other communities, the Cabinet will not allow those discriminatory factors to be present in our community. The strongest aspect of BC High is our strong bonds and numbers. We will not allow that to crumble, as we hope to further fortify the strong foundation we already have.

Paul Ryan said, “Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.” This is a fundamental principle that the Diversity Cabinet follows. We realize that the success of any person, is often the outcome of a strong support system. The outcome of any community is the camaraderie between its members.

If you consider yourself a leader, please consider applying to the Cabinet. Mr. Miranda holds applications in his office if anyone is interested.


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Diversity Cabinet Seeks New Members