Student Council First Semester Update

William O’Carroll ‘16, Contributor

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Halfway into the year and Student Council is plowing full steam ahead. Student Council actually doing something? Yes, that is correct. Student Council has gotten a bad rap the past few years for lack of “getting anything done”. Well, after semester with a strong executive office, spearheaded by Trent Chinaswamy, and representatives with an “all in” type of attitude, we have been able to pass four proposals.

Our first proposal was the microwave proposal. Finally, someone had the bright idea of putting in an additional microwave in the café. With some serious rhetoric and a broken microwave that caused another one to be bought, Student Council was successfully able to add an additional microwave to the cafeteria. Long lines have diminished from the cafeteria thanks to Stuco’s efforts.

Our second proposal passed was for the televisions in the Cadigan to feature less extra-curricular slideshows and videos and rather to show news stations. Our argument for this was that many students lack awareness of current events that are happening domestically and internationally. After a briefing from the administration, we learned that with supervision from people on Loyola 3 and a committee, this could be accomplished. A change, however, is that we do not have control of the televisions in Cadigan but have control of the televisions in the cafeteria. We hope to implement this policy very soon.

Our third proposal passed will be implemented for a test run starting on January 11th— the termination of unplugged lunch. With the crowded library and lack of sitting space, many students who hope to take advantage of the lunch period by being productive cannot. The termination of unplugged lunch from January 11th to February break will allow students to use their technological devices appropriately in the cafeteria.

Lastly, we have passed a proposal for a town hall meeting that we hope to implement later in the year. We hope to have representatives from clubs such as PAC, Diversity Cabinet, and others that can help facilitate this town hall meeting. The event would be an open forum that includes members of the administration where students can ask questions about the school culture, policies, etc. The idea behind the town hall meeting is to bridge the gap between the administration and the students—creating more transparency.

Will Student Council have an even more successful second semester? Stay tuned to find out.



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Student Council First Semester Update