Forest Fire Strikes Canada

Hugh Cole '18, Contibutor

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A huge forest fire broke out in Alberta, Canada recently. This forest fire has spread rap-idly and caused a lot of destruction. In just a few short days the fire spread from being 3,000 acres to 544,000 acres. The forest fire caused 88,000 people to flee from Fort McMurray, a city in Alberta. According to witnesses, this fire was unlike any seen. Luckily, the temperatures cooled down and the fire was easier to contain. This fire be-came extremely pernicious, and it is changing the way that people look at fires. Other fires in the past have burned more land in remote areas, but not in highly populated are-as. The cause of the fire is still obscure and uncertain. The fire destroyed 15% of Fort McMurray which includes 2,400 buildings. The fire was originally facile to contain, but a shift in the wind direction changed everything. In the last 15-20 years, many fires have erupted in this area. This year, the fire season in Canada started earlier due to El Niño, which contributed to the cause of this fire. Some say that climate change could make fires like this one normal, which is very concerning.

This fire was very devastating to the city of Fort McMurray, and the fact that these fires could become normal is alarming. People living in those areas should be very cautious about the possibility of accidentally starting forest fires. They should be prepared by knowing how to handle them in case more happen in the future. Issues that pertain to for-est fires are often overlooked despite being reported on the news frequently. It was very fortunate that only 15% of Fort McMurray was destroyed. Overall, any mass destruction that occurs from incendiary causes is a concerning issue.

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Forest Fire Strikes Canada