BC High Hosts Freshmen Olympics

Krish Patel '17, Contributor

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The Second Freshman Olympics On Monday, October 17, twenty-eight Montserrat groups created teams based upon their Christian Thought classes. A sense of competition was rising as Freshman and seniors alike prepared for the Freshman Olympics.

A few days in advance, the freshman MMP groups created a list of who to participate in each event and each group was assigned a random Jesuit University to represent. Excitement was building up, and each team was looking forward to Wednesday, October 19th. The day of the Freshman Olympics came upon us. Blessed by the Greek Gods, the weather was clear – perfect for a day of fun.

The teams gathered in the Cadigan Gym, and once the senior representatives from each team took the Olympic Oath, the competition had officially begun. The teams scattered to their designated destination to prepare for their individual events. After a fun-filled day, it was time for the final session: the Mile Relay. With 50 points on the line, this event singlehandedly decided who would win the Gold. Each runner ran their best, and, despite if they came last or first, the crowds cheered them on until they all finished the race. After the races came to a conclusion, there was an issue. Tied for first place were two teams. To decide first place, there was a tie-breaker: the 100m dash. Each team selected one representative to race, and, while the competition was close, there could be only one winner. The winner for this year’s Freshman Olympics was Gonzaga University. Another successful Freshman Olympics had come to a close.

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BC High Hosts Freshmen Olympics