BC High Competes at Head of the Charles

Andrew Kraunelis '17, Contributor

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On Sunday, October 23, 2016 sixteen BC High students rowed in the Head of the Charles Regatta. Entered in the mens youth eight and coxed by Luke Ames’18 where Ryan Beeler’18, Michael Wilson’18, Harrison Bleckley’17, Conor Bradley’17, Nick Kuranda’19, Mac McGee’19, Zack Trent’18, and Andrew Kraunelis’17. Entered in the mens youth four and coxed by Max Kouroriez’18 were Alex Ambraziejus’18, Paul Bonarrigo’17, Daniel Dudziak’17, and Anthony Cosentino’18.

With winds averaging 25-30mph and gusts up to 40mph, rowers faced strong headwinds and crosswinds throughout the winding course. Swells produced by the wind in the lower basin of the Charles made most of it unrowable, forcing regatta organizers to cut off most of the warmup area.

The day got off to a rough start for the BC High team, as the large swells in the lower basin made the row from Union Boathouse (BC High’s launching point) to the start line of HOCR impossible. Scrambling for a solution, BC High was forced to borrow an eight from the Brookline Rowing team and a four from the Belmont Hill Rowing team.

In the mens youth eight BC High came in 54th out of 85 entries, and in the men’s youth four BC High came in 71st out of 85 entries.

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BC High Competes at Head of the Charles