Plugging Lunch Back In

Peter Keough '16, Contributor

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As I am sure many students have heard by this point, the administration has taken into account the proposal from Student Council to rid the school of “Unplugged Lunch” for a short period of time. Students will be allowed a “trial period,” lasting from January 11th to February 11th, to see if they can responsibly handle the usage of iPads and laptops in the cafeteria during lunch periods. If the student usage is deemed responsible and effective, then the administration will convene and make a decision regarding the rest of the school year. The only question to ask now is whether or not this trial period will be a success or a failure.

Personally, I am very glad that this trial period is being put into effect. Much like the Student Council said in their proposal, I was always curious what the difference was between sitting taking notes from a textbook versus taking notes from an iBook at the lunch table. I always understood that the school wanted the students to not be distracted by games or apps on their devices and instead be talking with their friends, but the homework aspect of the ban perplexed me. I know students who have had to skip lunch to be able to go to the library to type up a paper because they could not do so in the cafeteria, which is not good for their health and wellbeing. Now, however, we have the chance to use our devices in the café.
Lastly, I am going to assume that everyone wants this trial period to become a permanent rule change. We’d all like the school lunches to move into the 21st century.

I know the majority of the student body has wanted to be rid of Unplugged Lunch ever since it was implemented, and now we have the chance to do so. As long as we can all use our devices appropriately during lunch periods, we will be able to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. If we cannot handle this new freedom, then we will be pushed back to the Stone Age once again to be devoid of technology. I know the Student Council has been working hard to earn us back this privilege, and I want to be able to make sure their hard work pays off.

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Plugging Lunch Back In