Why Senior Assassin needs to come back?

William O'Carroll '16, Contributor

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As you all have already heard, the administration has made it clear that Senior Assassin cannot take place on B.C. High grounds. Their argument, a pretty serious one, is that the water guns used by the students puts B.C. High at a greater risk due to the mass shooting epidemic that has plagued our nation. However, does this concern deserve the termination of a B.C. High tradition? I do not think so.

The water guns used by students are very easy to spot, since none of them look anything like real guns. Many have a very unique shape to them, usually sporting neon or bright colors that can easily be seen by the students and faculty around them. Also, the guns would not be used inside of the school since the rules specify that a shooter can only “pick off” his enemy outside of school, which includes parking lot, Chipotle, or even their homes (has been done many times before). Guns are a serious topic, but in reality, this fear can be abolished if everyone was issued the same water gun: one that is brightly colored and easy spot. Also, the ruling can be made that seniors cannot take their water guns inside of school; the guns should be left in someone’s car or in another locations outside of school to keep a safe environment.

Senior Assassin is one of the best things seniors do at B.C. High according to many former graduates/ Most of the seniors participate in this activity, and it truly creates greater solidarity between our Class of 2016. This event is also very memorable, and as a senior, I want to make as many memories as I can before leaving this year. All I want is compromise between the students and administration because Senior Assassin is a bonding experience.

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Why Senior Assassin needs to come back?