Our Future Depends on It

Tim Irish '17, Contributor

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We live in a world where climate change is happening, but not enough is being done to stop it. There’s too much at stake to hide from the truth. The fossil fuels that have already polluted the atmosphere cannot be taken back; however, people can try to be more aware about what they put into the world around them. As a student body, we should take initiative by keeping a watchful eye on how we use our energy, and more importantly, we should question where that energy comes from.

Spectra Energy’s proposed Algonquin Incremental Market Pipeline (AIM), which already under construction, would run through neighborhoods, under a soccer field, and across the street from an active quarry in West Roxbury. More alarmingly, the pipeline will run within 105 feet of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant in New York.

We can’t assume Spectra will keep the pipeline in good condition. Just this April one of Spectra’s pipelines exploded. The accident burned 40 acres, destroyed a home, and left a 1500-square-foot hole. And now they want us to think it’s okay to build one just 105 feet from a nuclear plant’s power equipment? Scientists estimate that 20 million New Yorkers may be in danger if something catastrophic were to happen. Here at BC High, we could see fellow students and their families become directly affected by this pipeline in Dedham, Newton, and other surrounding towns.

Spectra continues to insist that this gas is beneficial for New England markets; however, MA Attorney General Maura Healy issued a study proving New England does not need expanded gas capacity.

As BC High students, we can spur an influential conversation and spread awareness of this dangerous pipeline. A pipeline that may threaten the lives of our friends and family. By emailing and calling our state representatives and senators we can persuade them to stop the pipeline’s finalization. It’s time for us to face our fears and unite by urging our elected leaders to take action against the construction of this life-threatening gas pipeline, and all pipelines. Our future depends on it.

MA Senator Elizabeth Warren: (617) 565-3170

MA Senator Ed Markey: (617)-565-8519

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Our Future Depends on It