Something You’ve Probably Never Considered

Trevor Wakefield '17, Contributor

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Morning mass, offered twice daily at 6:45 and 7:30 A.M., is one of B.C. High’s hidden treasures.  For my first three years of high school, I never got into school early enough to go to mass, but now that I can drive myself, I get into school much earlier than before.  A few weeks ago, I was in school around 7:20 and I had nothing to do.  I decided that I would go to morning mass, just to check it out. I’ve been to morning mass before, but I was curious what going everyday would be like.

While morning mass is nothing spectacular, it is still beautiful in its own right. Each morning, I leave my books at a table in the cafeteria, then take a casual stroll over to the Loyola chapel.  Usually there are about four or five people in there, and often I’m the only student. At the beginning, the priest says a blessing and a lector reads from Scripture. The mass goes by quickly, and soon it’s time to receive the Eucharist.  After the Eucharist, there is a beautiful minute of absolute silence. The only things I hear are the soft sounds of traffic and of people shifting in their seats.  Then the moment is over, and the priest is giving the final blessing.  I walk out, and begin my day as normal. 

The days when I go to mass are always better than those when I don’t.  Classes seem more enjoyable, and the day goes by faster.  I have more patience, and I feel less tired.  Over the course of a few weeks, going to mass has become something I try to do every morning.  I can feel myself becoming happier, more patient, and less anxious.  I believe that these are all effects of receiving Jesus every day.  There is power in going to mass every morning.  I encourage everyone at B.C. High to give morning mass a shot, and experience it for yourself.

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Something You’ve Probably Never Considered