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Club funding is money well spent

Ryan Edmonds ‘20, Contributor

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In today’s economy, school boards have been cutting programs left and right. Schools are losing funding for arts, sports teams, clubs, and elective classes. These programs might seem logical to cut funds for as opposed to offering fewer academic classes, but administrators and government officials who cut school funding fail to recognize how important extracurricular activities are to students. These “supplemental” classes are actually critical components to students’ educations.

Without extracurricular activities, many students will not receive the balanced education they need. Some students are catered to well with academic classes, because they learn best numerically and verbally. However, most learn in non-academic ways like musically, athletically, and philosophically. Without music groups, sports, clubs, and other extracurriculars, students do not receive the opportunities that they need to take advantage of the types of intelligence that they are best at and enjoy the most.

When students began to see this issue, Student Council decided to step in. My fellow colleagues and I on Student Council have seen first-hand the way that clubs educate students in ways academic classes will never be able to. Academic classes are important, but without clubs, students do not develop the motivation needed to focus on their studies. Furthermore, clubs and extracurriculars may help students blow off some steam. The use of club funding is predicted to likely begin next year. What’s great is that it is not something that is exclusive, as all clubs can participate! If a club wants money to go on a field trip, or it needs to raise awareness for something, they will have to submit a detailed form to the Student Council. Then, at each of their meetings, the Student Council will read each of these proposals out loud and vote whether or not to support the club. (Most of the time, the vote is yes). The vote will then be approved by a higher authority, and then the funding will be allotted. One issue that could potentially arise is that one club may continue to ask for money to go on field trips or raise awareness for something, for which Student Council is currently drafting a strategy. Hopefully, club funding will be very beneficial to the BC High community by allowing clubs to do more than just stay at school, pushing the horizons of our students.

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The Eyes and Ears of BC High.
Club funding is money well spent