Student Athlete Profile: Ari Aminpour ’17

Nick Fahy '18, Social Media Manager

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Soccer injuries are a fairly homogenous lot. Most of them have to do with knees and ankles. They can be kicked, twisted, sprained, pulled, and torn; a range of possibilities the BC High school nurses are all too familiar with, and barely bat an eye at.

Not too many BC High soccer players, however, take a bicycle kick to the face and a broken cheekbone for the sport they love. But Ari Aminpour ’17 is the newest, and as far as is known the only player in recent memory with that dubious distinction – the victim of an October 5th roundhouse kick to the face that filled his cheek with the
unique sensation of grassy cleat.

Though his soccer playing season ended that day at home versus Brockton, Aminpour has kept up a consistent presence on the sidelines – warming up the goalies and helping to coach a team that, under Head Coach Billy Ryan, finished its season with a winning 10-8-1 (Win-Loss-Tie) record and never suffered consecutive losses.

Another, less painful surprise twist for Aminpour this season was being named a co-captain of his team. He himself had been cut from the team his first two years at the school, and so to rally and be named a varsity co-captain in his final year was a fitting sendoff.

While Aminpour regrets missing out on two years of BC High soccer, he says that being cut “made me into the person I am today,” and credits being cut twice with giving him the resilience he would need to continue as an upperclassman and an athlete. “It taught me not to give up on something I love,” he says.

Aminpour offers nothing but praise for his coach. “Coach Ryan,” he says, “molds characters … He makes us into men. He hopes we do well, but his goal is to have fun.” He describes his team as “a dedicated group of guys who come together playing soccer and by the end become family.”

Outside of soccer, as Aminpour continues the final chapter of his BC High high school career, his favorite moments surround his two-week long Tanzania Retreat Experience his junior year – spending two weeks with a host family [he describes the exchange student he stayed with, Peter, as his brother] – and participating in a three day safari and four day Kairos retreat.

Aminpour’s medically-induced break from soccer and general physical activity ended November 7, and while it’s too late at this point to salvage the remainder of his soccer season, he still has winter and spring seasons to put the finishing touches on his BC High athletic career.

Wherever he goes, though, his teammates will know they’re playing with a competitor unafraid to take one on the chin and turn the other cheek.

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Student Athlete Profile: Ari Aminpour ’17