Player Profile: William Cole-French ’19

Ryan McIntyre ‘17, Contributor

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I have had the greatest pleasure of training with Will—endearingly called “Frenchie”— since his freshman year. Will is a Sophomore this year at BCHigh, and he is an up-and-coming long distance runner. He is well established in races, having made short work of his opponents in the Freshman/Sophomore division as a Freshman. He was quickly assimilated into the track family, loved by all of the upperclassmen almost immediately. Though he pushes the pace sometimes—well, more like all of the time—I have enjoyed pounding the streets of Boston with Will. Running with him, I have watched Will grow and flourish as a runner. He already started ahead of the pack in terms of stature, boasting a 6’3” frame, and his confidence levels were far superior to mine freshman year. Determined and talented, Frenchie is a workhorse.

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to interview Frenchie as we were doing “hills,” a conversation-friendly workout.

Ryan: “Runners all have goals. What is your goal for the 2017 Indoor Season?”
Will: “I really want to make states. Coach thinks it may be a little lofty, but isn’t that the point of a goal?”
Ryan: “How will you work to achieve your goal. Or, rather, what is the most important aspect of running? Physical, mental, nutritional…”
Will: “It is all of the above, but for me, mainly, it’s mental. Winter is a grueling time to train. The blistering cold gives me just one more excuse not to go out and run. But, I push through with my goal in mind. You gotta learn to roll with the punches if you want to get better at track. The physical part is important, but less hard than the mental. I just need to get in an honest lift in the weight room. And nutrition… (Coach) Bonner will tell you that nutrition is key.”
Ryan: “With that in mind, what would be your advice to this year’s freshmen?”
Will: “Buckle up, it’s gonna be a long season. Stick with it, and don’t short change yourself. Not doing the workouts properly doesn’t hurt coach, it hurts you.”
Ryan: “Wise words from a wise-fool. Thank you Frenchie.”

Coming off of the Cross Country season white-hot, Will is well poised to achieve his goal of making States (the meet for top runners in Massachusetts). If he stays consistent in his efforts, dedicated to his training, and hungry for his goal, Will will make States. The future of the BCHigh long distance squad looks bright with Frenchie climbing the ranks, and some day he will be at the helm.

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Player Profile: William Cole-French ’19