Sox Complete Trade for Chris Sale

Hugh Cole ´18, Contributor

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Last week, the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago White Sox made a major trade. In the trade, the Red Sox received All-Star pitcher Chris Sale and give up Yoan Moncada, Michael Kopech, and three other prospects in return.   After coming off another good season with a 3.34 ERA, Sale joins a Red Sox rotation that could really use an ace like him. I believe that this is a good trade for both teams, especially for the Red Sox.

After a season in which the Red Sox led the MLB in runs scored, adding an elite pitcher is necessary for making serious playoff runs in the future. Although the Red Sox giving up young prospects was not ideal, gaining a proven player is better than having a multitude of players with untapped potential.

Even though some are skeptical about Sale because of his jersey incident last season, fans will forget about this once he starts producing. Meanwhile, the White Sox will be getting one of the best prospects in baseball in Yoan Moncada. A 21 year old from Cuba, Moncada made headlines a few years back by being given a 31.5 million dollar signing bonus by the Red Sox. Moncada is a second baseman that can switch-hit and has very good speed. Michael Kopech is also a good player. The 20 year old pitcher can throw over 100 mph and had a 2.25 ERA in the minor leagues last season.

Both the Red Sox and the White Sox have acquired good players in this trade. The Red Sox gain a pitcher who is currently elite and fits into their win-now mode, and the White Sox gain prospects who can make them a better team in the future and are worth the risk, given the White Sox weren’t even in playoff contention with Sale.

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Sox Complete Trade for Chris Sale