How Successful was the Homework Survey?

Jack Jordanides '17, Contributor

December 16, 2014

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This past week, BC High conducted a survey to piece together an accurate picture of the amount of homework students complete each night. Generally speaking, students are expected to receive 30 minutes for each class. With six...

The Mite Box: A Tradition of Charity

Costa Angelakis '15, News Editor

November 21, 2014

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$11,600: You could buy three Super Bowl tickets with that money. You could buy a slightly used Toyota Corrolla with that money. But BC High has given that much money to the Mite Box so far this year. Although some may claim t...

Mayor Walsh Reflects on Life

Tom Blakely '15, Editor-in-Chief

November 15, 2014

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On Sunday, November 9th, I had the opportunity to meet Boston Mayor "Marty" Walsh and hear him give a talk to the fathers and sons of BC High about his time as a youth growing up in Boston just blocks away, his struggles with...

Prayer and the Pledge: Hand in Hand

Declan Leary '17, Contributor

October 28, 2014

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Each classroom at BC High is adorned with the two most important symbols in our lives: the image of Christ crucified hangs side by side with the red, white, and blue of the American flag. We pay tribute to our Lord and o...

Generation iPad

Robert Mastrogiacomo '15, Contributor

October 28, 2014

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Beach Buggy Blitz, Gemini Strike, Infinity Blade, Twitter, Snapchat, you name it; the temptations of having an iPad on your desk at school are endless. I mean seriously, who wants to learn how to find the derivative when you can...

The Early Game

Connor Murphy '15, Opinions Editor

October 28, 2014

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It’s 1:08 am, October 26th and I’m awake working on college essays. I’m kicking myself a bit – I waited a long time to start work on these, partly because I wanted to finish my Common App essay, partly because I was daun...

The Backpack Breakdown

Ben Twohig '15, Contributor

October 28, 2014

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There have been mixed feelings over the new backpack rule. Some believe it is an appropriate rule that the school has every right to make. Others declare it hogwash. They argue that the new requirement is just another example...

Hold Phelps to a Higher Standard

Patrick Fitzgerald '15, Contributor

October 23, 2014

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Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, has once again fallen from the public’s graces after his most recent run-in with the law, a DUI in Baltimore, Maryland. Police say that he was driving an absurd 84 mph in a ...

Why Help Out at Open House?

Christopher Phillips '15, Contributor

October 20, 2014

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When I was a prospective seventh grader, I attended the open house, and I can distinctly remember my experience. I was not too keen on the idea of making the hour long commute from my quiet town on the south shore to the hustle...