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2017 Freshmen Olympics

Roy Zhu '21, Contributor

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The greatest sporting event of the world has arrived: not in Rio, or London, or even Tokyo, but at BC High. The 40th Freshman Olympics began last Wednesday amidst the resounding cries of the entire freshman populace, in the grandest of venues, Cadigan Gym.

Forty Jesuit universities around the nation, each represented by able freshmen, met to spar for glorious victory in true BC High fashion. Activities from the athletic to the intellectual, from relays to sudoku, replaced geometry and biology for one fleeting Wednesday. Three-on-three basketball and dodgeball garnered large crowds in Cadigan, while classrooms in Cushing were packed for trivia and Pictionary. The freshmen seemed all too naturally skilled at dodgeball and long jump, while their abilities were slightly more muted when it came to sudoku. Although the senior mentors were crucial parts of the team, it is fair to say that the freshmen were the stars of the field on Wednesday.

At the long jump event, Mike Mullally ‘21 showed off his abilities, outperforming multiple seniors. Kevin Hou ‘21 won the paper airplane toss with his plane, flying almost the entire length of McNeice. Hacky sack drew a surprising amount of seniors, though it was arguably the hardest event.

All of this was a precursor to the day’s climax: the 400 meter relay. While every team performed well, there were certainly standout athletes. William Bizier ‘21 made the 100 meter sprint look easy, blowing past the competition. Ultimately, there could be only one victor. A close game to the last, the relay race was the make-or-break moment for the Fordham team. They had hung back a respectable distance from the lead up until that point. Facing opposition from teams like University of San Francisco, Loyola Marymount, and Gonzaga, all point leaders, Fordham’s hopes seemed to rest upon the final relay.

Trevor Hu ‘18 led the charge, giving Fordham a secure lead. Aidan Kirby ‘21 fended off opposition from a powerful sprinter, and Fordham was finally crowned winner through the effort of Shea Sprague ‘21. The capstone to the 40th Freshman Olympics was the closing ceremony and the eventual lowering of the almighty Olympic flag, its rings interlocked as tightly as the bonds shared by the BC High community. And so, we finished with a triumphant cry, a message of well wishes for the Class of 2021, and greater hope for the days ahead.

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The Eyes and Ears of BC High.
2017 Freshmen Olympics