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BC High Creates New Community Garden

Nick Sommers '17, Contributor

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Looking at BC High from the practice fields this fall, students and teachers may have noticed three strange wooden boxes. As it turns out, these new structures, which are nestled between the cafeteria and the Cadigan atrium, are actually three raised garden beds that each contain a variety of plants ranging from cucumbers to sunflowers, and basils to raspberries. Here is the story behind BC High’s new community garden. 

The community garden was the idea of six current seniors: Ahmad Mims, Stephen Oxner, Luc Benjamin, Luke Sideropoulos, Patrick Walsh, and myself. These students, along with Mr. Hayes of the religion department and Mr. Mendoza of the history department, attended the Ignatian Solidarity Network’s 2016 Arrupe Leaders Summit last March where they learned strategies for becoming effective leaders. Inspired by the summit, the group decided that a community garden would be a good way to introduce a concrete change to the BC High community.

During the last few weeks of the school year, the group met on a weekly basis to make plans, and we enlisted the assistance of Fr. Perry, Mr. Flowers, and Ms. Adamczyk. Once the logistics were all sorted out, we were able to get approval from Mr. Maher and the BC High administration to use the sun-saturated area outside of the Corcoran Library as the location for the garden. During the first week of summer vacation, a small group of students worked with Mr. Flowers to build the three raised beds you now see outside of the Corcoran Library.

Thanks to the generous donations of dirt from the BC High buildings and grounds staff, wood and seed from Mr. Flowers, and raspberry plants from Mr. Skipper, the garden was able to begin operation immediately.

Despite the drought of a record-breaking hot summer, the plant survived and made it to the garden’s first harvest this past October. From the harvest, we offered basil, cilantro, miniature bean plants, beets, cucumbers, and carrots to teachers and asked for donations in return. Half of the money raised will be given to the St. Louis Project to purchase fresh produce for the homeless, and the other half will be reinvested back into the garden to purchase new seed and equipment for the upcoming spring season.

Over the next few years, we hope to partner with the Green Eagles to continue the garden, and we hope that it will continue to grow in the years to come. We see the garden as not only a way for students and faculty to carry out the Jesuit values of environmental responsibility and social justice, but also as a means to promote hands-on learning and student-teacher collaboration within the BC High community. Hopefully in the near future the garden will be integrated in some way into the school curriculum. In the meantime, our short-term goal is to make the garden completely self-sustainable and to expose students to the joys of gardening.

Please note: if you would like to make a donation to the BC High community garden, please see Ms. Adamczyk whose office is located next to the history department.

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The Eyes and Ears of BC High.
BC High Creates New Community Garden