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The Trump Presidency: Arriving at Acceptance

Nick Janne '19, Contributor

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The upcoming Trump presidency is a fairly controversial one, and ever since Trump’s announcement to run, the phrase: “I’m moving to Canada” has been a household name. Being a Even though I was a Bernie supporter, if there is one thing that I took away from President Trump’s inaugural address, is that he is our president, not only his voters’ president. While I would’ve killed to see anyone else speaking in the Capital this past Friday, I think everyone needs to accept that he will be the person running our country for the next 4 years. In return, Trump needs to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard, and everyone’s concerns are met with validation. I decided to highlight 3 major concerns of the future, in hopes that this will raise a question to others on what they care most about moving forward.

A major distress that has been discussed on throughout his campaign was civil rights, and how he will treat the marginalized in our society, specifically women and people of the LGBT community. Following the inauguration, I decided to attend the Women’s Rights March held in Boston Common on Saturday. The main ideas I gained from my experience was that people, many people, are scared of having their rights revoked. While Trump of course has not said anything about taking away anybody’s rights, tons of people are afraid that his previous actions and statements foreshadow a bad future of a new Trump, now with more power. While, I’m pretty confident that basic human rights will not be taken away from anybody, I do see the concerns that these people bring to the table, and it probably does not help that the White House’s pages on LGBT folks have disappeared1.

A second large concern I and many others have for his presidency is healthcare. While Obamacare had its flaws, Trump has not announced many details on how he is going to handle his own healthcare plan. Traditionally, the Republican Party does not favor government involvement in private enterprise, and if that is the case, what will health care look like in the near future? If all healthcare goes back to the corporations, what is stopping them from not providing care for people with preexisting conditions, and to people who simply cannot afford it? While the future is unknown as to what Trump will do, no matter what, he will most likely have to make some sacrifices just like Obamacare.

My third and final concern is immigration specifically regarding the two groups of people Trump is concerned about: Mexicans and Muslims (which basically means any human south of Turkey). I think much of what he’s said during his campaign is either impossible or impractical. The famous wall on the Mexican border will cost way too much money; money that America doesn’t have. My prediction is that Trump will try and increase border security, but the U.S. will not see any significant increase or decrease of illegal immigrants coming from Mexico. I’m a lot more concerned about how he will handle the Muslim population of this country, the citizens and the immigrants. During his run, Trump used the fears of the people of radical Islam to his advantage, and if this continues, America is in for some trouble. Trump needs to make sure that he doesn’t single out a religion of over a billion people as terrorists, and recognize that not all Muslims are out to kill you.

While many people including myself have many fears of America’s next 4 years, I also have a lot of hope. A lot of people who were Anti-Trump during his campaign are still Anti-Trump now, and that just can’t happen anymore. We must remember we are one country that doesn’t have a political party. If Trump validates the concerns of his critics and starts to act for the benefit of the entire common good, then I think we’ll be alright.

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The Eyes and Ears of BC High.
The Trump Presidency: Arriving at Acceptance