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The Glorious Interim: A Senior Reflection

George Bailey '17, Contributor

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The period between September and March of Senior year was what I called the “Glorious Interim.” From August 2013 to August 2016, the spirit of the present reigned; life was characterized by the ceaseless and focused drive to build academic, social, and co-curricular reputations and move forward. The Glorious Interim was different: my life was in a continuous state of movement between the past, present, and future: beautiful and not-so-beautiful memories from Freshman to Junior year frequently reappeared in my mind. The college process, with its fortune wheel spinning me between good and bad luck and anxiety and peace, urged me to ponder the future ahead. Then, there I was in the present trying to balance it all.

Thus, the Glorious Interim was a time of great reflection. I focused my reflection on my much earlier days at BC High. When I arrived on Morrissey Boulevard in the waning summer days of August 2013, I left behind all that I had built and known in Medford. I could have stayed in Medford, but I knew that Columbia Point in Dorchester was the place where I had the opportunity to advance and mold myself through a quality education. At the Freshman Convocation in McNiece, I found myself in a sea of 340 Freshman–only two of which were my friends. On the first day of school, I sat alone at lunch because I knew nobody and felt intimidated. All of this returned to my memory in September as I, a Senior Mentor, watched the Class of 2020’s Freshman Convocation. In order to reflect on these memories and how I built my life at BC High from scratch, I traced back my footsteps.

I began integrating myself into life at BC High by joining the Freshman Cross Country team. In doing so, I felt that I was a contributing member of the community. Eventually, I began bonding with my fellow runners–many of which are still my friends to this day. During the school day, I began greeting my teachers and classmates if I saw them walking by in the hallway. This made me more comfortable in my new environment. Hopefully, I thought to myself, the lives of others was affected in some way, making them feel valued and recognized. On the train ride home, I would approach my new friends and make an effort to engage them in a pleasant conversation to get to know them more. This is how I adopted BC High and Morrissey Boulevard as my second home. The next year, I continued my activities and made friends with even more people. In April 2015, I did the Good Friday Walk for the first time and started a tradition with my friends–Gerard, Nick, Delano, and Ryan (Mackey). Junior year, I did the Buenos Aires Seminar with the Hyde Center and made friends with many in the cities of Buenos Aires and Salta, Argentina. My host brother Nico and I still remain closely in touch. This year, I became a Senior Mentor, an NHS leader, and a PAC board member, making sure that I continued building relationships and contributing to BC High.

Now, the Glorious Interim is over and major changes are on the horizon. Time went by so fast, but I took advantage of all the spiritual, social, and academic opportunities that BC High had to offer: I made every moment count. On May 21, I will leave Morrissey Boulevard satisfied with what I have built and accomplished.       

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The Eyes and Ears of BC High.
The Glorious Interim: A Senior Reflection