Stop Politicizing Masses

Nick Dias

At the Mass of Our Lady of Guadalupe in December, there was an unprecedented two homilies spoken. The first was an invitation to participate in Holy Mass, a sacred tradition for Catholics around the world. The second was an attack on the conservative approach to immigration and the pushing of a liberal ideology. Not only that, but the speaker attempted to fuse her personal political beliefs to Catholicism, making it seem as though one cannot be Catholic without holding those beliefs. And it comes close to indoctrination, considering there has not been one conservative speaker as far as I can remember. Here is a counter-argument to her beliefs on immigration:

The speech she gave concerned the crisis on our southern border. She argued that the immigrants were met with a “harsh and intimidating wall” and soldiers with “massive guns.” She also told a story of a poor mother and child that she saw at the border, which she used to justify her attack on the wall. The intent of President Trump’s border wall is not to oppress poor immigrants and families, but to protect and defend our country from those who want to see the destruction of this great nation. Believe or not, horrible things come through the southern border, and it is difficult for the understaffed Customs and Border Patrol to protect our borders without the proper tools. A wall is a proven method that provides massive assistance to the agents. In areas where the wall has been constructed, illegal traffic has dropped about 90%. As for the “massive guns,” massive problems require massive solutions. Absurd amounts of fentanyl, meth, and other drugs pour into our country through the border, and 50% of all federal crimes are committed near the southern border. Gang violence and rape are also at record high levels near the border. I would call this a “massive” problem. But if you are a law-abiding citizen, then the wall and guns of the border shouldn’t scare you, because you would go through a port of entry, legally. The so-called “harsh and intimidating wall” and “massive guns” are vital for the protection and defense of our nation.

The second speaker at the mass was wrong in her criticism of these critical defenses at our southern border and certainly wrong to make it seems as though to believe in these protections is anti-Catholic. President Trump and his actions to secure our borders are all to ensure that we remain the shining city on a hill of the world, to go on being the land of the free and the home of the brave, and yes, to Make America Great Again.