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Interview with Carl Pierre ‘17 – Varsity Basketball

Malcolm Herbert '18, Editor

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Note: This interview took place on Friday, February 3rd, before the game against Catholic Memorial.


Malcolm: Thanks for joining us Carl. Obviously the team is having an amazing year- 14-0 at this point. To what do you attribute that to? Has anything changed from years past since you’ve been on the team?

Carl: Well everyone on the team worked really hard in the offseason. After losing in the semifinals last year to Newton North- I mean- we don’t want to have that feeling again. We wanted to be better this year, so everyone worked hard in the offseason, we’re working hard in practice. And Coach has talked a lot about defensive identity, and I think we’re really buying into that.

Malcolm: You’re the captain on the team- what’s it like being a leader on such a successful team, and what different roles do you have to play throughout the year?

Carl: Coming into this year, I just wanted to be not only a leader by example, but also a vocal leader. It’s been fun so far. We’ve been successful, and I’m really enjoying it. I think this year I really had to pick it up and be a leader, and I feel like I’ve done that.

MH: So it’s no secret that you guys are one of the best teams in the state, if not the best team in the state. What’s it going to take to go all the way this year?

CP: Well I think we need to- I mean- I honestly still don’t think we’ve played our best basketball. We have tendencies to have just slow points in the games. But I think if we can keep working in practice, and keep buying in on the defensive end- I think that’s really the key for us to go as far as we possibly can.

MH: What would the state title mean to you individually, and to the team, because I know how much it would mean to the school.

CP: It would just be a testament to our hard work. Like I said before, everyone on the team works extremely hard, and has bought into this season, and I think a state championship would just be confirmation to all the hard work we’ve put in.

MH: I’m not sure how close you are, but you’ve got to somewhere close to 1,000 points. Is that something you think about, or do you have any other individual goals as opposed to team goals?

CP: Honestly, I try not to think about 1,000 at all. I’d rather just win- I really don’t care if I get 1,000 or not. Individually- just to play the best basketball I possibly can, that’s really all.

MH: What about the team? Do you guys have any goals outside of winning states?

CP: I think it’s really the same. Just playing out there for the team, for the school, and just trying to win for the school.

MH: In a similar vein to the first question, has there been any changes you all have made in practicing, or coaching, or strategy that has made a difference this year or is it just hard work that’s paid off?

CP: Well, this year, compared to last year and a couple years before, we’re a lot bigger and athletic, and we’re really long, so I think Coach tries to use that a lot on our defensive end, and on offense as well. He’s always telling us to crash the offensive boards. Other than, nothing has really changed too much.

MH: There aren’t too many seniors on the team- just you, Myles Owens, and Will Powers. What do you think about how the team will be next year? It’s a pretty young, junior heavy team. Obviously it will be a huge blow to lose you three, but what do you think the team will look like next year?

CP: Next year, they’re going to be filthy, still, honestly. They’re young now, but they’ve had experience, they’ve been on the team for two, three years even. They’re only going to get better. Juniors are going to be seniors, they’re going to be more experienced at this level, so I think they’re just going to get better.

MH: You’ve been in a lot of pressure situations so far this year. The game against Mansfield comes to mind for me. Do you guys do anything in practice to try to simulate those high-pressure moments? I know it has to be crazy when you’re out there with the game on the line, and you have all the skills to make those plays, but it has to be way harder under those conditions.

CP: This year we’ve done, at the end of practices, we’ve run just different situations, like having to run plays with a couple seconds left and a ton of different scenarios, so I think that helped a lot. And also just the experience on the team. Kids have been on it for a while, so they know how to play and how to execute.

MH: I’ve seen how hard you work first hand, both of us being in Mr. Roldan’s morning lifting group. You’re in there three times a week without fail in the offseason. How has that training helped translate to your game?
CP: Well, my first year on varsity was sophomore year, and I didn’t start lifting with Mr. Roldan until the summer after that season. Honestly, that’s probably been the biggest factor to my improvement from sophomore year to now. I think strength is the most important thing for me, because I’m still skinny, but getting stronger made the game so much easier for me, because I was able to handle contact. Not getting knocked off the ball so much, and honestly I have so much to thank Mr. Roldan for, because he’s helped me improve so much.

MH: Thanks so much for your time and go Eagles!


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The Eyes and Ears of BC High.
Interview with Carl Pierre ‘17 – Varsity Basketball