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NFL Mock Draft 2017

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1. Cleveland Browns

Stafford pick: Myles Garrett, EDGE, Texas A&M The Browns score the most physically gifted player in the draft with Garrett. It’s been proven time and time again that defense wins championships. While the Browns are nowhere near that stage, Garrett could help them win more than 2 games this upcoming year. Fitzpatrick pick: Myles Garrett, EDGE, Texas A&M The best player in the draft, plain and simple. Before the Browns draft another QB destined to fail, they need to build an actual team first, and I think they’ll do it. Myles Garrett, the best pass rusher to enter the NFL draft in 5 years, helps their defensive front right away.

2. San Francisco 49ers

Stafford pick: Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina Anytime the top QB prospect is a one year starter at North Carolina, there’s cause for concern. While this QB class may be weaker than most, it does boast potential, and Trubisky defines potential. Besides the obvious lack of game film, drafting Trubisky offers very few weaknesses. He has a good arm, is mobile, and is accurate enough to be successful in the NFL. New head coach Kyle Shanahan is looking to reshape the 49ers, and Trubisky gives them a fresh start. Fitzpatrick pick: Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina I don’t love any QB in this draft, but if any one of them can work, it’ll be Trubisky. He was great for North Carolina, and played well in every single game. His biggest flaw is lack of tape or lack of play time. On an NFL talent perspective, he’s the best QB available, and SF will take him.

3. Chicago Bears

Stafford pick: Jonathan Allen, DE, Alabama Jonathan Allen is versatile, plain and simple. He will be able to fit any scheme in the NFL, and will thrive in it. The Bears will look to address defense first in the draft, as their past success (’85) was built on a strong defense and a run and shoot offense. Allen gives them a good base along with players like Kyle Fuller to start revamping this Chicago defense. Fitzpatrick pick: Jonathan Allen, DE, Alabama This is the second best player in the draft, and the Bears aren’t quite ready to give up on Jay Cutler(yet). Allen can fit in any scheme, and would be a great fit in an already talented Bears young seven. The Bears know there is not a franchise QB in this draft, and they wait another year for their guy, instead taking the second best defensive player on the draft.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

Stafford pick: Jamal Adams, S, LSU Jamal Adams is one of the most intriguing prospects in this year’s class. A multi- faceted cover safety, Adams adds another dimension to the Jaguars’ promising defense. With the addition of Jalen Ramsey last year, Jacksonville will look to have one of the best young secondaries in the NFL. Fitzpatrick pick: Jamal Adams, S, LSU The Jaguars need some secondary help, and Jamal Adams is a good get. He is the best safety in this draft, and provides a lot of big time play making ability in what would become a strong Jaguars secondary with him at the helm.

5. Tennessee Titans

Stafford pick: MarShon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State The Titans are in need of a corner or wide out, so Lattimore makes sense to pair with current Titans Cornerback Jason McCourty. The Titans made a push for the playoffs last year and have two picks within the top 18, which makes them one of the most interesting teams to watch in the draft this year. MarShon Lattimore has the ball hawk mentality that the Titans are missing. With the addition of Lattimore, the Titans could have a dynamic cover group on their hands.Fitzpatrick pick: Mike Williams, WR, Clemson The Titans now do not have many needs on a suddenly quite formidable team. They need a receiver and Mike Williams is the best WR in this draft. They take a guy who has the potential to be the next Julio Jones, and someone who is a big time threat to help out Marcus Mariota. They have more pressing needs, but with an opportunity like this, get Marcus a guy who can go up and get it. Great QB’s make players around him better, but every QB needs a security blanket to trust. Williams is just that for Mariota.

6. New York Jets

Stafford pick: DeShaun Watson, QB, Clemson The Jets hit the reset button, and they take a gamble on Clemson prospect Deshaun Watson. Let’s get real, the Jets struggled heavily last year. Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn’t seem to be the answer, and neither is Geno Smith or Christian Hackenberg. So, in comes Watson. After taking down Alabama in the College Football Championship, Watson’s draft stock has been at an all-time high. He’ll be at the helm for the J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS. Fitzpatrick pick: DeShaun Watson, QB, Clemson I do not love this pick at all, even if he’s the most pro ready QB at the moment. But, The Jets give Todd Bowles a QB he can mold and make successful, and it’s worth a shot. He could be a franchise guy. He has the looks of Dak Prescott and Russell Wilson, but I think he would be a bad fit for the New York Jets.

7. Los Angeles Chargers

Stafford pick: Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State Hooker may be the best all around safety entering the draft in years. San Diego needs to replace the gap that Eric Weddle left after his departure to the Ravens two seasons ago. He bolsters a secondary that already includes Casey Hayward and Jason Verrett. The Joey Bosa pick last year makes the Hooker-Chargers union make even more sense considering they both went to THE Ohio State. Fitzpatrick pick: Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State The Chargers secondary could use Malik Hooker’s game-changing play making ability and cover skills, which will translate very well into the NFL.

8. Carolina Panthers

Stafford pick: Leonard Fournette, HB, LSU Remember the days of Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams? Imagine that, but only 10x better and Cam Newton at QB. Fournette is a rare combination of size and speed that separates himself from every other runner in this year’s class. While he might not be ranked as the number one back in the draft, he is easily the most complete. Look for the Panthers to capitalize on a Newton, Fournette tandem. Fitzpatrick pick: Leonard Fournette, HB, LSU To be honest, the Panthers need a lot of help on the offensive line, and if they are not trading out, they should take best player available. That pick would be Leonard Fournette, who has the potential to one day be the best running back in the NFL. They bring in somebody who can help establish a running game, and take pressure off of Cam Newton.

9. Cincinnati Bengals

Stafford pick: Mike Williams, WR, Clemson The loss of Mohammad Sanu and Marvin Jones was felt immensely last year, especially when A.J Green got injured. So, the Bengals give the worst playoff QB in the NFL a weapon in Mike Williams. Not only will he add a playmaking ability, but he will take the pressure off of A.J Green. No longer can opposing defenses double or triple cover Green when dealing with Williams and Tyler Eifert. The Bengals will have a three-headed monster of a passing offense.Fitzpatrick pick: Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford The Bengals could use a pass rusher on their defense to collapse the pocket, and help create havoc along with the rest of their front seven. Meet Solomon Thomas, the guy from Stanford who you may not be familiar with, but will skyrocket up draft boards. He can rush the quarterback up the middle and be a great run stopper, something the Bengals would appreciate

10. Buffalo Bills

Stafford pick: Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan The Bills took a great pass-catcher, Sammy Watkins, in the 2014 draft. Since then, he has been very productive, but also riddled with injuries. Enter Davis, a compliment to Watkins’ play type. He helps share the load of the Bills receiving core, allowing for Watkins to remain healthy. Davis also allows Percy Harvin a longer recovery period on his way back to football. Fitzpatrick pick: Deshone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame The Bills need to keep trying to fix that revolving door at QB, and Kizer would be a gamble to fit that bill. He has a lot of upside, but he would be handed a very tough task of unseating the Patriots, something no QB before him has done successfully.

11. New Orleans Saints

Stafford pick: Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama This is simply a best-available pick. The Saints defense has an ungodly amount of holes in their defense. Foster adds a piece to an ever-rebuilding New Orleans D. Fitzpatrick pick: Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama The Saints need secondary help badly, and Humphrey would provide stability in that secondary. The Saints get a corner with great cover skills who will have the daunting task of covering Mike Evans, Julio Jones, and Kelvin Benjamin six times every year. A daunting task, but one Humphrey will be ready to rise up to.

12. Cleveland Browns

Stafford pick: DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame Shocker! The Browns take another QB. I firmly believe Kizer is the most undervalued passer in this class (besides Chad Kelly). He gives the Browns hope for a better tomorrow.. Or at least better than last year. Fitzpatrick pick: Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama The Browns have needs everywhere, so they can really take anybody, but that’s a bad thing. They take Reuben Foster, someone who can become a defensive leader for the Browns and be a big building block for the future. Alongside Jamie Collins, they have a great tandem at LB for the future, something that would go a long way in building a good defense.

13. Arizona Cardinals

Stafford pick: Sidney Jones, CB, Washington Since the departure of Antonio Cromartie a few years ago, Patrick Peterson has felt alone at the Cornerback position. In addition, Tyrann Mathieu has suffered a buffet of injuries, leaving very little reliability in the Cardinals secondary. Sidney Jones offers good size and ball hawking ability to the Arizona defense. Fitzpatrick pick: Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida The Cardinals need someone to stick next to Patrick Peterson on the opposite end of the field. Wilson can do just that, and has the potential to also be a shut-down corner like his would-be counterpart, Peterson.

14. Indianapolis Colts

Stafford pick: Cam Robinson, OT, Auburn Andrew Luck gets sacked a lot. So, instead of Jim Irsay drafting another wide receiver, they take big Cam Robinson. Robinson offers both great pass protection and run blocking, making both Andrew Luck’s and Frank Gore’s jobs much easier. Fitzpatrick pick: Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama Yes, the Colts need a pass rusher. Yes, the Colts need secondary help. Yes, the Colts need many things. But first comes protecting assets, and protecting Andrew Luck. It’s not a difficult concept that the Colts should understand, considering Luck takes a beating like no other quarterback. They pick Robinson, who will be able to protect Andrew Luck, giving him more time to throw and show off his talents he has not been able to the past two seasons.

15. Philadelphia Eagles

Stafford pick: Dalvin Cook, HB, Florida State Many rated Cook as the highest running back in this class, but I don’t buy it. I think many teams will be too enticed by LSU’s Leonard Fournette. Philadelphia takes Cook at 15 to be the successor of both Darren Sproles (age) and Ryan Matthews. This gives a young, vibrant tandem of Wentz and Cook to combat the Pro Bowl tandem of Prescott and Elliot. Fitzpatrick pick: Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan Carson Wentz needs some help. He threw way too many passes that were dropped to terrible receivers. The Eagles take Corey Davis, an excellent route runner with big time play making ability that would be a security blanket for Wentz. The Eagles grab someone who can help Carson Wentz out and that entire Eagles offense.

16. Baltimore Ravens

Stafford pick: Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida Wilson is underrated in a class full of cornerback talent. He is great in both man and zone coverages. He adds some much needed depth to the Ravens secondary and the AFC North division as a whole. Fitzpatrick pick: Dalvin Cook, HB, Florida State This pick may come as a surprise for multiple reasons. But the Ravens need somebody to establish a consistent running game, and providing a home run threat on every single play. Cook can do everything pretty well: running the ball, catching it, or even providing pass protection. He gives the Ravens something that would go a long way with a very good defense: a running game.

17. Washington Redskins

Stafford pick: Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee Barnett is an intriguing prospect. While many have him in varying drafting positions, ranging from early first round to late second round, I believe the Redskins will take a chance on the Tennessee product. Junior Gallette is very injury prone, so Washington takes Barnett to pair with Ryan Kerrigan. Fitzpatrick pick: Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee Someone always slides in a draft, so I’ll anticipate Barnett sliding to 17. Washington needs a player who has an explosive first step off the edge and can provide immediate pressure on the quarterback, and Barnett fits the bill. He dominated SEC competition and future NFL competition all season long at Tennessee, and he would help bring down opposing quarterbacks.

18. Tennessee Titans

Stafford pick: David Njoku, TE, Miami Njoku is a dynamic playmaker at the tight end position. He can really line up in any position in any offense. Stick him in the slot, outside, or on the line. He reminds me a lot of a slightly slower Aaron Hernandez. Fitzpatrick pick: Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State Tennessee has a need at corner opposite Jason McCourty, and Lattimore fits the bill. He can provide some much needed stability at the cornerback position for Titans, and provide some good athleticism and physicality to help a weak Titans secondary.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Stafford pick: John Ross, WR, Washington With Vincent Jackson aging, they’re in need of playmaker with Martin gone. Let’s get real, Vincent Jackson is old and Mike Evans is Jameis Winston’s only target. Enter John Ross, the speedy wideout from Washington. Ross has a chance to break Chris Johnson’s 40 yard dash record, and the chance to change the Bucs into playoff contenders. Fitzpatrick pick: John Ross, WR, Washington The Buccaneers could help Jameis Winston out by getting him another target not named Mike Evans. Ross would be great. He is a big time deep threat that can stretch the field and is a good route runner, both things that would be a nice addition to a potent Buccaneers offense.

20. Denver Broncos

Stafford pick: Ryan Ramcyzk, OT, Wisconsin If the Broncos expect to get back on top, they need to protect whoever is under center. Ramcyzk may be the most talented tackle in the draft and Denver pounces. Fitzpatrick pick: Ryan Ramcyzk, OT, Wisconsin The Broncos needed to restart at a few of the offensive line spots. This would help protect Siemian, Lynch, or even Tony Romo. The Broncos downfall last year was pass protection, and they won’t let that happen again.

21. Detroit Lions

Stafford pick: Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU The Lions went on a run that very few people believed they were capable of last year. While Matthew Stafford’s injury was the cause of most of their downfall, it was also the corner position opposite Big Play Slay. White slides in opposite Slay and makes a significant impact. Fitzpatrick pick: Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan The former Patriot brass goes into the trenches. Rather than need, they go off the normal road and continue to improve an already great defensive line. They get Charlton, who can provide a pass rushing threat in multiple schemes, and help improve an already good defensive line.

22. Miami Dolphins

Stafford pick: Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford The Dolphins struck out with the selection of Dion Jordan a few years back. They redeem themselves by taking the slipping Thomas in the late first round. Thomas adds speed off the edge that the Dolphins are in serious need of. Fitzpatrick pick: Charles Harris, DE, Missouri Miami needs a pass rusher with an aging Cameron Wake, and Mario Williams will be replaced. Harris would help provide instant impact presence with his size and physicality as a pass rusher would be welcomed to a weak Dolphins defensive line.

23. New York Giants

Stafford pick: O.J Howard, TE, Alabama The Giants don’t have an actual tight end at the moment. I don’t really count Will Tye. Howard offers versatility and another weapon for Eli Manning to misuse. Yeah, I just threw shade, get over it. Fitzpatrick pick: O.J Howard, TE, Alabama The most predictable pick in this draft in my opinion. Eli Manning needs another target, and the Giants need a guy who can help them with their running game and even block in pass protection. O.J. Howard can do all three, and that’s why he’d be a perfect fit for the Giants.

24. Oakland Raiders

Stafford pick: Teez Tabor, CB, Florida The Raiders have very few needs. All they need to do is stay healthy. The Raiders do need a little help in the secondary after a disappointing first season for Sean Smith. Tees Tabor gives them a guy to defend the slot and form a crazy talented squad for the Silver and Black. Fitzpatrick pick: Sidney Jones, CB, Washington The Raiders need some help along the front lines of their secondary, particularly at CB behind David Amerson. He would provide consistency in a secondary full of wildcards with his coverage skills and footwork at the position.

25. Houston Texans

Stafford pick: Jabrill Peppers, S, Michigan Jabrill does it all. The Texans lost to the Patriots for three reasons. 1. Brock sucks 2. So does their defense. They upgrade a safety position that hasn’t been stable since the departure of Glover Quin. Fitzpatrick pick: David Njoku, TE, Miami The Texans have a clear issue at QB, but since Osweiler’s money is a clear roadblock, they will try to bolster the offense around him. Njoku would help add another dimension of speed and pass catching ability to a bad Texans offense, giving Houston something it hasn’t had in a very long time, a consistent threat at Tight End.

26. Seattle Seahawks

Stafford pick: T.J Watt, LB, Wisconsin The Seahawks defense is great, but is missing an outside linebacker after Bruce Irvin left for the Raiders last offseason. T.J Watt offers similarities between him and his brother, and the Seahawks should capitalize on that. Fitzpatrick pick: Dan Feeney, OG, Indiana The Seahawks have some major issues on the offensive line, so they take Feeney who would help with a big body and strong presence along that line. They need to protect Russell Wilson, and that starts with taking Feeney, an athletic blocker who will help do just that.

27. Kansas City Chiefs

Stafford pick: D’Onta Foreman, HB, Texas The Chiefs are beginning to become fed up with the Jamaal Charles injuries, so much so that they draft his replacement. While Foreman does not have the same speed as Charles, he possesses a true runner’s instinct with great moves. Look for him to be a impact player his rookie year. Fitzpatrick pick: Teez Tabor, CB, Florida The strong Chiefs defense needs another corner opposite of Marcus Peters, and Tabor is a great fit. They already have Marcus Peters, and Tabor is a very similar CB who gambles in coverage but can end up making big plays for his team with his ball skills and playmaking ability, like Marcus Peters.

28. Dallas Cowboys

Stafford pick: Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan Charlton offers the Cowboys an edge player they desperately need. To be able to go far in the playoffs, the Cowboys need a better defense. Charlton puts them even farther into becoming a force in the NFC. Fitzpatrick pick: Dawuane Smoot, DE, Illinois Smoot’s impact will not always show up on the stat sheet, but he gives the Cowboys a disruptive player against the pass and run. The stats will not always be there, but you will notice the impact he makes during plays, even if he does not make the play. He will help improve a good run defense, and provide disruptive pass rushing ability as well.

29. Green Bay Packers

Stafford pick: Gareon Conley, CB, Ohio State The Packers have almost no corner depth. Down the stretch in the playoffs last season, it caught up with them. So, Conley becomes the third Ohio State secondary member to be drafted in the first round of this draft. Fitzpatrick pick: CB Gareon Conley, Ohio State The Packers, whether it be by injury or performance, have little depth at cornerback. They end up taking Conley, someone who will be able to provide some consistency and hopefully health for them during the course of a season.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers

Stafford pick: Charles Harris, DE, Missouri Pittsburgh gets some much needed help in the pass rush department. Cam Heyward finally gets a partner in crime as the Steelers will look to knock off the Patriots. Fitzpatrick pick: Jabrill Peppers, S, Michigan Pittsburgh has a need for someone to play safety and nickel corner, so they take somebody who can play both positions. He is too small to be an NFL LB and his skill set does not match a true centerfield safety, but as a nickel safety in certain packages and situations he would be effective, similar to Tyrann Matheiu. He also has value as a kick and punt returner, which limits Antonio Brown to unnecessary injury risk.

31. Atlanta Falcons

Stafford pick: Takkarist McKinley, LB, UCLA After the success of Deion Jones last year, the Falcons pick another athletic outside linebacker with McKinley. Former UCLA linebackers Eric Kendricks and Anthony Barr have been super productive in the NFL thus far, so McKinley’s draft stock should be soaring. The Falcons defense takes another step forward. Fitzpatrick pick: Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU I just watched a Falcons secondary get eaten alive by Tom Brady in the fourth quarter and overtime of the Super Bowl. They take a CB who can line up opposite a healthy Desmond Trufant and provide some much needed reliability in the Falcons’ secondary.

32. New England Patriots

Stafford pick: Christian McCaffrey, HB, Stanford McCaffrey is a Belichick player, through and through. He is smart, agile, and productive. He adds another weapon to the Patriots offensive arsenal. He also takes over punt and kick return duties which was a huge problem for the Pats last year. Fitzpatrick pick: Christian McCaffrey, HB, Stanford McCaffrey can do all three things the Patriots like in a running back well. He can catch passes, run the ball, and pass protect. As a bonus, he can also return punt and kickoff returns, an issue the Patriots dealt with all season. Bill usually prefers to wait for a HB, but this opportunity may be tough to pass up.

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NFL Mock Draft 2017