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2020-2021 Staff

Alexander Bradley 22

Alexander Bradley ’22

This year I am a junior and I have been involving myself in sports and clubs. I participated in Cross-Country and Ski Racing and loved the safe distancing competitions we had. I am also currently in the Business and Investing...

Sebastian Zapata 22

Sebastian Zapata’ 22

My name is and for this 2021 school year, I have so far been a writer for the Eagle. Although I have only written one piece for the Super Bowl, I hope I can write many more articles for the Eagle for a variety of subjects. I enjoy...

Steven Roche ‘21

Steven Roche ‘21

Hey everyone, I’m the Editor-in-Chief of The Eagle. I have been a writer and editor for the Eagle for 3 years, and I am excited to allow the student body to express their voice. Outside of The Eagle, I am in Lab Rats and Political Dis...

Tyler Kwong 23

Tyler Kwong ’23

For this 2021 school year, I am an opinions writer. I enjoy writing about investing and government. I hope to expand my writing into topics relating to philosophy, American culture, and novel reviews. I enjoy classical music,...

Owen O’Connor 24

Owen O’Connor ’24

I’m Owen O’Connor. I am from Weymouth. I like to play many sports. Watching basketball is something I could do 24/7. I like to write about basketball as well. I could write about it for days and love to talk with people about...

Christopher Kerwin ‘22

Christopher Kerwin ‘22

My name is Christopher Kerwin, and I am a staff writer. I’m from Milton and I’m a Junior, and I’m a member of the Model UN and Certamen clubs. My main interests are history, astronomy, and foreign affairs. ...

Brendan DiTullio  21

Brendan DiTullio ’21

Growing up in Weymouth, I quickly discovered my passion for the arts, and The Eagle allows me to share this passion with the rest of the BC High Community. In my senior year, I am heavily involved with the arts at the school, participating in...

Benjamin Bliss ‘23

Benjamin Bliss ‘23

My name is Ben, I am a sophomore from Kingston, and I love writing for The Eagle. My favorite sport is basketball, and I’ve grown up a diehard Celtics fan. I also spend a lot of time listening to music, with some of my favorite...

Roy Zhu ‘21

Roy Zhu ‘21

For this 2021 school year, I am an opinions editor. As an editor and writer for the Eagle over the years, I have conducted interviews, written art reviews, news summaries, and multiple opinion pieces. I love creative writing...

Christopher Recupero 21

Christopher Recupero ’21

For the 2020-2021 school year, I am the news editor. This is the first year I am a member of The Eagle staff, and I have really enjoyed writing and editing articles. I am also a member of various clubs including Chamber Choir, Cert...

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