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Club funding is money well spent

Ryan Edmonds ‘20, Contributor

January 16, 2018

Filed under Opinions

In today's economy, school boards have been cutting programs left and right. Schools are losing funding for arts, sports teams, clubs, and elective classes. These programs might seem logical to cut funds for as opposed to offering...

Why Jeremy Lin’s Dreadlocks Are More Than Justified

Kenneth Dao ‘20, Contributor

January 9, 2018

Filed under Opinions

Jeremy Lin, an Asian-American NBA player, has turned fans’ heads over the past few seasons with his unorthodox hairstyles. His hairstyles have ranged from a mohawk to a man bun to double ponytails to braids. It can be stated...

A Critique of Tact

Sachin Meyer '18, Contributor

November 14, 2017

Filed under Opinions

Tact • /takt/ n. a keen sense of what to do or say in order to maintain good relations with others or avoid offense. A recent class discussion in English Lang AP brought to my attention the pervasiveness of tact in all p...

Harvey should prompt Hyde Center consideration

Nick Fahy '18, Managing Editor

September 22, 2017

Filed under Opinions

It took less than a week of rain to wipe out 100,000 homes. Less than a week of rain to move the 30,000 people who lived in those homes into shelters. Less than a week to turn the cities of Houston, Beaumont, and Corpus Christ...

Summer assignments: more excessive than effective

Daniel Scrivener '18, News Editor

September 22, 2017

Filed under Opinions

The arrival of summer vacation may appear welcoming to high school students, but the increased responsibility that comes with age has certainly muted the season's festivities. Indeed, the term "summer vacation" may seem like...

Let’s put politics aside

Ryan Golemme ‘19, Contributer

June 13, 2017

Filed under Opinions

In the aftermath of the intense and often bitter 2016 election our campus has been overcome by vicious and unnecessary political tension. Students and teachers alike make non-sequitur jabs about controversial political issues ...

The Glorious Interim: A Senior Reflection

George Bailey '17, Contributor

April 3, 2017

Filed under Opinions

The period between September and March of Senior year was what I called the "Glorious Interim." From August 2013 to August 2016, the spirit of the present reigned; life was characterized by the ceaseless and focused drive to...

Lent: A Personal Reflection

Ryan McIntyre '17, Contributor

April 3, 2017

Filed under Opinions

One of the biggest challenges of Lent is moving past personal shortcomings. For too many years, I have given myself easy tasks of abstinence to complete, knowing that my forty days will be a breeze. Driven by a fear of failure,...

The Trump Presidency: Arriving at Acceptance

Nick Janne '19, Contributor

February 14, 2017

Filed under Opinions

The upcoming Trump presidency is a fairly controversial one, and ever since Trump’s announcement to run, the phrase: “I’m moving to Canada” has been a household name. Being a Even though I was a Bernie supporter, if there...

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