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Andrew Jackson vs. Harriet Tubman

Dattu Kalluri '18, Contributor

June 7, 2016

Filed under Opinions

On April 20, the Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew, announced that Andrew Jackson would be demoted to the back of the twenty dollar bill in favor of Harriet Tubman. Ironically, Andrew Jackson was a former slave owner while...

Get Some Sleep

Alex Brown, Contributor

May 3, 2016

Filed under Opinions

While applying to BC High, you probably attended several orientations, open houses and other admissions events. Admissions officers, faculty and current students told you about everything that an incoming students would want...

Why Senior Assassin needs to come back?

William O'Carroll '16, Contributor

March 15, 2016

Filed under Opinions

As you all have already heard, the administration has made it clear that Senior Assassin cannot take place on B.C. High grounds. Their argument, a pretty serious one, is that the water guns used by the students puts B.C. High...

Trump is (Almost Always) Wrong

Charles Hajjar '16, Contributor

March 15, 2016

Filed under Opinions

Donald Trump’s off-the-cuff remarks and frequent hate speech make even the most conservative voters cringe. As a more progressive person trying to decide which Democratic candidate to support, peeking into the “Make America...

Hail, Caesar! Review

Ian McLaughlin, Contributor

March 1, 2016

Filed under Features, Opinions

Set in the "Golden Age" of film making, the 1950s, Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin) runs a movie production company and is tasked with keeping operations running smoothly and keeping the loose cannon acting stars in line. Between...

Plugging Lunch Back In

Peter Keough '16, Contributor

February 24, 2016

Filed under Opinions

As I am sure many students have heard by this point, the administration has taken into account the proposal from Student Council to rid the school of “Unplugged Lunch” for a short period of time. Students will be allowed...

Take It From a Republican

Colin Dale '16, Contributor

January 21, 2016

Filed under Opinions

Recently, Donald Trump pledged to spend two million dollars per week on campaign ads. He followed through with that pledge (the advertising part of it at least) and aired his first advertisement: a thirty-second promotion in which...

Chancellor of the Free World

Jack Andrews   '16, Contributor

January 21, 2016

Filed under Opinions

Back in December, “Time Magazine” named German chancellor Angela Merkel it’s Person of the Year; she narrowly defeated a list of nominees including Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and the Black Lives Matter activists. If...

Education in the U.S.: What needs to be fixed

Nico Coloma-Cook '17, Contributor

January 12, 2016

Filed under Opinions

It's fascinating to think about how far the U.S. has come in respect to education over the past 60 years. From the changes of blackboards to Smartboards or notebooks to laptops, technology has revolutionized the classroom and...

Paths to Success: Getting to BC High

Ronan Kelley '16, Contributor

January 12, 2016

Filed under Opinions

Why do students cross Morrissey Boulevard when there is a structurally sound footbridge? The "under" path isn't faster. It lacks the Boston skyline view and is littered with trash. In addition, anxious commuters honk at innocent...

Snow Days?

Kal Meier '16, Contributor

January 12, 2016

Filed under Opinions

After the snowiest winter on record, we have yet to have any significant amount of snow this year. People seem to have forgotten that the first snowstorm came on the weekend of January 26-27. About two and a half feet of snow...

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