We Are Not Free

An overview of Traci Chee’s novel, We Are Not Free


Jacob Mulligan ‘25, Staff Writer

We Are Not Free by Traci Chee is a historical fiction book about fourteen teens who were forced into desolate incarceration camps in 1942. The point of view of the story changes every chapter, showing each teen’s different perspective. This book gives us an in-depth view on what the discrimination against Asian Americans was like during World War II. The book deals with racism and injustice threatening Asian American freedoms and rights.

The main protagonist is Minnow, a kid from San Francisco, who was removed, along with his friends and siblings, into camps. Over the course of three years, they all slowly begin to have their rights returned until Minnow is the last one left to leave. He goes back to San Francisco realizing that it isn’t the same if he isn’t with the people he loved. I highly recommend this book because of its rich historical value that is sometimes hidden in our modern world.