Video Games

playing Smashy Road and Flappy Golf


Ben Campolongo ‘26, Staff Writer

Have you ever played video games in class? Well, you’re not alone. I remember the old days of 7th and 8th grade where everyone in class would play Minecraft. There were 20+ kids still playing after school, so I always had servers to join. The sad part is that Minecraft has been long patched by IT from the Arrupe section of the school, ridden from their small iPad screens. High school has been a similar case.

At the beginning of the school year I always saw foolish lads in seats in front of me playing Smashy Road and Flappy Golf. The kids who played Flappy Golf started raging when they missed a gold star by one flap. It wasn’t even that fun, why play a game when you could just watch YouTube videos? Anyway, at around the same time kids were playing a football game. Not the Fifa stuff, it was like one of those 2016 .io games that everyone played on a web browser. Seriously, unlike the Smashy Road game which was an app, this was a web browser game.

The teachers should just use the Apple Classroom because it’s so much easier to see what kids are doing. I was told of an instance where a teacher got tired of kids always looking at their screens and not paying attention to class. It got to the point where he outplayed them by turning on the screen in the back, allowing him to see their iPads. I also remember an old friend of mine getting JUG’ed by a teacher for watching YouTube in the front row. I’m sorry, but if you’re going to watch YouTube in class, the last place you want to watch it is in the FRONT row! He wasn’t even putting in effort to conceal it… he was bent over not caring that the teacher was talking. “What is this?” “Uhh…Youtube.”

The worst thing I have ever seen is everyone playing on during class and lunch. Now, playing it during lunch wouldn’t be a problem, but Student Life patched that bypass earlier this year by only allowing students to use their devices for school related things during lunch. The problem is, I am unsure if the teachers actually notice violations of this rule, or simply do not care enough to JUG kids for it. I’ve seen teachers passing by look at my classmates playing .io games and not say anything. The school should either enforce video game usage or allow it again. I can barely speak to my friends now because they’re busy either playing chess or watching YouTube videos. However, grinding out those chess stats has become a respectable pastime for students during lunch and class. What is really not admirable is playing Roblox in school. I have seen a high schooler unironically bring in his laptop, mouse, and headphones just so he could play Roblox TF2 in the cafeteria. Like why, just why?