Media Club

Bryce Devine, Features Editor

At BC High there are plenty of different clubs you can join. These range from Asian Culture club to T.R.I.C.K.S. club. Each one is different, but one that stands out from the rest is the BC High Media club. This club creates the comedic videos called “Eagle News” found on their instagram page: bchighmediaclub. These videos are usually around two minutes long and average about 1000 views an episode. It has only grown in popularity since the first episode came out on December 11. The two hosts, Aidan Carroll and Aidan Carroll, introduce the show usually with a quick laugh and introduce a fan favorite segment: Weather with Wallace. We are brought the weather by Chris Wallace, who is often in comedic situations like wearing shorts in the snow or standing in the bay. Following this is usually news around school, interviews, or a funny video, which reveal groundbreaking insights such as uncovering Mr. Lewis’s fake accent. At the end of each video, we are asked the question of the day, which usually makes fun of school situations such as flooding bathrooms or the closed bookstore. Along with Eagle News, they also have a weekly sports update hosted by Sheamus Higgins. This segment is more serious and goes over the different sports team records along with their next games. The page was originally used for mostly varsity football videos and pictures, but it also featured other events around the school such as the legacy breakfast. If you are interested in joining the Media Club, feel free to join us Thursday mornings at 7:45!