Political Discussion Club

Steven Roche '21, Editor-in-Chief

One of two political clubs at BC High, the political discussion club brings together differing perspectives on the current zeitgeist through rigorous debate. Before each meeting, members research a topic designated by the club President, and they take on whichever position that appears most agreeable to them. When the floor opens to debate, fiery arguments and occasionally unreasonable assertions fly across the table as the students sort out the issue. But it is here that lies the club’s purpose and appeal – debaters can discuss thorny issues and risk losing a discussion in the pursuit of truth. As one of the Vice Presidents, James Griesmer ‘21, said, “Being able to come to a level playing field of political discussion that is civil but not homogenous is invaluable at political times like this.” Every discussion remains civil, so no member must worry about hostile opponents. Even if you lose a discussion, you acquire the opportunity to reevaluate your own knowledge and logic, which can lead to a stronger argument in the future. Whether you are a liberal, libertarian, or conservative, the political discussion club has a place for you. Every opinion has value here, and you will think more clearly about modern politics as you explore others’ ideas. Don’t just believe me, take it from the President Richard Clow ‘20 – “The Political Discussion Club has become a beacon and base for different beliefs to come together to find a common belief. There is so much hate in the world, and this club provides a safe place for students to explore and learn about others’ beliefs.” If you are interested, go to the Great Books Room on Monday mornings at 7:45, and email Richard Clow to join the email list!