The Eagle

Steven Roche '21, Editor-in-Chief

Interested in being featured on the front page of a newspaper? How about submitting your hot takes on sports, politics, or BC High to be published? The school newspaper – The Eagle – is looking for students to submit articles and potentially become staff writers! The club will help you develop writing skills and express your ideas clearly, which translates well into hard English assignments or writing those difficult college essays. As a staff writer (and maybe editor) you will learn how to organize the newspaper and how to write articles for each category. But the best part of the club lies in the public sharing of ideas. The newspaper is your chance to develop a master schedule for next year and convince the entire school of its merit in an article. It’s your opportunity to suggest changes in our community that perhaps have not been considered before. It’s the gateway to rile up the entire school with your predictions on the Super Bowl. The topics are endless, so if you have any idea you would like to share with the community, join The Eagle or get in touch with an editor. We are always looking for more articles, so feel free to reach out at any time. The club meets in room M305 on Thursday mornings at 7:45 a.m., so please try to attend a meeting, or perhaps email one of the editors listed below with your ideas.

Opinions – Foxx Hart ‘20

Features – Bryce Devine ‘23

Sports – Jarred Kostas ‘20

News – Roy Zhu ‘21 and Teddy Pasto ‘21