Faculty. Who Do You Sit With At Lunch?

Asking the question we all want to know the answer to


Nick Ternullo ‘23; Tyler Kwong ‘23, Staff Writer; Editor

Name: Mrs. Brennan

Answer: Ms. Rosshirt, Mr. Gagne, Math Department.


Name: Mrs. Yang

Answer: Language Department Office mates, I usually eat in my office.


Name: Mr. Rakovec

Answer: Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Argento.


Name: Dr. Frost

Answer: Only myself in my office. Herd mentality.


Name: Ms. Raxhimi

Answer: Whoever is there.


Name: Mr. Toto

Answer: Mr. Fletcher but largely myself.


Name: Mr. (Patrick) Travers

Answer: History Office and read the newspaper next to Mrs. LaRocca.


Name: Mrs. Wilson

Answer: It differs everyday. I try to mingle with all. I will make an effort Friday week A to eat with Arrupe. Today I ate lunch with people I haven’t eaten with in weeks. Veterans and new people.


Name: Mrs. Toner

Answer: Wherever there is space. Depends on how talkative I am. If I don’t wanna talk I’ll sit at the history table. I try to sit with people who I don’t see a lot. Usually religion or modern language. New moms.


Name: Ms. Winter

Answer: Usually just the English Department.


Name: Mr. Gopen

Answer: Ms. Vannoni.