An Ode to “Lamb of God”

BC High is lacking in the fight song department


Ben Bliss ‘23, Editor in Chief

School mass is a place to seek out God’s voice, whether through scripture, prayer, or even music. In 2019, as a freshman, I gravitated towards the more melodic side of our liturgies where one song in particular caught my attention: “Lamb of God” was an instant hit with my brain chemistry. In a McNiece packed full of new faces, this responsorial hymn illuminated the brotherly connection between every student, and I was no longer drowning in a sea of strangers.

Sure, the chanting was brought outside of its mass-specific context, but I admired the school spirit it fostered when belted in unison in the hallways or even at football games. BC High is lacking in the fight song department, and the closest I believe we have gotten is “Lamb of God,” perhaps followed by “Dancing in the Moonlight” during the 2022 basketball state championship run. I have certainly heard less Catholic chants uttered from student sections.

Maybe there were more serious offenses to the holy nature of the song—or maybe the choir simply grew tired of repeating the same few lines every week—but I would appreciate a revival of “Lamb of God” next year for the underclassmen who were never able to witness its grandeur. The song’s call and response aspect engages students more than singing alongside the choir, and a resounding influx of voices could be interpreted as deeper reverence.

There will always exist a stifled, underlying sense of humor behind the recital of “Lamb of God,” but I chalk this up to school pride and sense of community rather than juvenile antics. I found value in BC High’s ability to embrace a part of its religious identity, and I hope others also recognize the power of a community’s ability to bond over something innocent.

The song, for those unfamiliar:

Lamb of God, you take away,

The sins of all, the world

Miserere nobis


Bread of life, You take away,

The sins of all the world

Miserere nobis


Agnus Dei, You take away,

The sins of all the world

Dona nobis Pacem