BC High’s Orchestra

A look at an incredible musical opportunity within the school.


Ollie Lloyd ‘25, Staff Writer

One of BC High’s most engaging and interesting after-school activities, the orchestra, has recently started. The orchestra consists of 13 students who play instruments like violins, violas, cellos, and a stand-up bass.

Mr. Zevos, a funny and entertaining teacher who truly loves what he does, leads the orchestra. He also leads a guitar band and guitar ensemble. There is also a jazz band, concert band, and rock ensemble in the music department, all led by Mr. Bean.

The orchestra is currently accepting more students if you want to join! If you know how to play any of the instruments and would like to become a part of BC High’s orchestra, please email Mr. Zevos at czevos@bchigh.edu and he will tell you more.

It is an amazing opportunity to further boost your GPA and reach your fine arts credit requirements for the year, not to mention that it is a valuable skill to learn and makes a great addition to a college application!

The orchestra is going to perform Pirates of the Caribbean, Adagietto, and a medley from Charlie Brown Christmas for the school on December 12th in the commons. It is going to be a beautiful and very fun performance, so you should plan to attend.