Album Reviews

A review 3 hip-hop albums

Benjamin Bliss ‘23, Sports Editor

Music is an amazing part of life, and knowing what to listen to can make or break your enjoyment of a certain genre. I decided to review 3 hip-hop albums that are very different from each other, but all terrific nonetheless. Check out anything that seems of interest to you, and hopefully I can be the one to introduce you to your next favorite album.

 good kid, m.A.A.d city – GKMC is a masterpiece by Kendrick Lamar, and one listen is enough to recognize this as an instant classic. The entire album is about Kendrick growing up poor in Compton, covering subjects from peer pressure to gang violence – all based on his past experiences. He is the good kid with dreams and a powerful message, but is trapped in the mad city, Compton. Kendrick’s ability to weave deep ideas about race, violence, money, and more is unmatched by even the most talented lyricists. You could spend hours deciphering this project and still have more to comprehend. It sounds fantastic too, his voice is so unique and he utilizes it to the fullest with many perspectives, personalities, and tempos throughout. Kendrick is also accompanied by brilliant features from Dr. Dre, Drake, and Jay Rock to give GKMC even more versatility.

Songs to Listen to: m.A.A.d city, The Art of Peer Pressure, Backseat Freestyle, Money Trees

Rating: 10/10


Eternal Atake – Lil Uzi Vert made us wait 4 years for this project, and it was definitely worth it. EA is filled with excitement and good energy, making it the perfect summer album. Every single track is incredible (except Urgency in my opinion), each one giving off an otherworldly sound like the cover art suggests. Uzi’s many voices and flows make every song different and enjoyable, and also perfect for almost any time. Not to mention the spectacular deluxe version which doesn’t miss either. Eternal Atake is one of my favorite albums ever, and I think it is one of the best mainstream projects of all time as well. It’s only flaw may be a lack of lyricism, but that isn’t exactly the purpose of a Lil Uzi album.

Songs to Listen to: Prices, Homecoming, Lo Mein, P2

Rating: 9.5/10


Limbo – Every song by Aminé is a vibe, especially on Limbo. His production is incredible and it all just sounds great. If you need an album to relax to or put on while doing work, this is for you. He also covers some solid topics like biracial couples, having a kid at a young age, and making it. One criticism I have is that Limbo’s replay value is not great, as I wouldn’t stream most of the songs over and over again, and there are only certain times I would put this album on. Overall Aminé provides pretty good lyrics, he doesn’t use anything fancy yet still conveys a full message each time. There really aren’t any skips because the top-tier production fills in any holes on Aminé’s end.

Songs to Listen to: Woodlawn, Pressure in My Palms, Compensating, Can’t Decide

Rating: 8/10