Fix the Water Fountains

Jack Gavin

At BC High, as students, we often have a lot on our plate. Kids are rushing around, class to class, building to building, floor to floor, hall to hall. Kids have lots of homework, frequent tests, quizzes, etc. The overall point I am trying to get at is that there is a lot students have to deal with at BC high. Oftentimes just a quick drink of water, just a ten second pause at the water fountain, is enough for kids to keep on with their day. Imagine a student is already very anxious, and because a water fountain does not work, he is nervous and thirsty as well. If this student is unable to get a quick drink, he will be sitting through a full class very parched, likely tired, and even more anxious than before. In general, the water fountains here work perfectly fine. If I am rushing to class and I feel very thirsty, I am typically happy to note I can grab a quick sip from the water fountain, so I will not be sitting through class just waiting to be able to rush to the nearest functioning water fountain. If the few water fountains that remain broken are fixed, this would be a small change, but it would make a huge difference. This difference may not be publicly praised because it is only subconsciously noticed for many students. They often do not consciously realize that not getting a drink before class is the reason why they feel lethargic and tired.

On the positive side, the water fountains at BC high are actually very well located for the most part. They are in convenient locations and the water is appropriately cold. The school has actually improved in regards to this issue of non-functioning water fountains as well, as some have been fixed. Yet, though the situation seems to be improving, if the final few broken water fountains are repaired, it would be a seemingly small deed that has the potential to make a big difference.

Photo Credit: Kaden Pilgrim ’23