Athlete of the Month

Cameron King, ‘23


Ollie Lloyd ‘25, Staff Writer

Cameron King, ‘23, is an athlete who can seemingly do it all. As a captain and starting defensive end on BC High’s football team, he shows off his leadership skills and athletic talent. He also is on the varsity Rugby team, which has claimed multiple state champion titles throughout the years. Still, Cameron manifests the values of BC High through heavy involvement in academics and clubs. As former president of the Eagle Christian Athletes Club and a part of the Sports Debate Club, Irish Culture Club, and Business Club, Cameron seems to do it all.

Cam started football in second grade, inspired by his family and the strong football culture in the Boston area. He also tried many other sports growing up, saying, “There really wasn’t a sport I didn’t play.” Throughout the years, he worked hard to grow in the sport, and his dedication paid off. Cam made the varsity football team as a sophomore, but this experience did not go as he expected when Covid-19 changed the season, regulations, and school year. “I wish I got a full season,” he explained. His development in Rugby is a very different story, however. He started the sport in his sophomore year and had a natural talent for it. This very successful team secured a state championship in 2021 and had a close fight for 2nd in 2022.

Balancing school life with his sports life is “definitely tough. It’s a lot of long nights and early mornings,” Cam says, “I have always been a student-athlete, in that order.” Even while being an integral part of two varsity BC High teams, he keeps on top of his academic life. In conclusion, Cameron King is a model BC High athlete involved in many sports, clubs, academics, and social activities, and he is certainly a worthy Athlete of the Month.