Concert Band

The concert and jazz bands are still active within BC High.

Christian Topinio ‘23, Features Editor

In general, when outsiders think about a concert band, they often think of concerts, sports games, and instruments. So what happens when you take those away? Per COVID-19 guidelines in the state, students are not allowed to play their wind instruments. Also, if there were to be outside rehearsals, the air flow from the instruments may cause transmission of the virus. This is also not to mention how hard it is to get clear sounds and synchronize everyone when some are playing online. Still, despite these restrictions, the concert and jazz bands are still active within BC High.

Concert band now functions more like an actual class now. The meetings are divided into two sections: music theory and rhythm (music theory is essentially the inner workings of music and how to recreate it while rhythm involves getting the beat of the music down). Once these restrictions are gone, the bands will most likely go back to playing music, and, due to our music theory and rhythm instruction, sound even better.