Aviation Club

A look at BC High’s Aviation Club


Christopher Snyder ‘22, Staff Writer

When I walked into the meeting for the first time, I encountered smiling faces and open gestures that showed me where to sit. The goal of this particular meeting was to discover the joy of flying a plane, while not having to go through the tedious task of getting a plane.

As the leaders set up the plane simulator, which is too complex for me to disclose in-depth, I traversed from group to group having light-hearted conversations. Throughout the duration of the meeting, I did not have a single encounter of disrespect. After a short period of time, the simulation was ready and I loved it! The quality of graphics were outstanding and took hold of the pilot, constantly grabbing their attention; I felt both the love of piloting a plane, while also the terror of being afraid of heights.

The time allotted to each member—a semi-large number of eight—was equal with no one selfishly disposing of someone’s turn, which I attribute to the accepting community that they fostered. If anyone has a remote interest in aviation, which consists of both planes and rockets, then I severely recommend this club to try.