What is Diversity Cabinet?


Jack Gavin '21, Contributor

In Diversity Cabinet, students of all different ethnic and racial backgrounds come together to discuss issues of race, gender and specifically how these things are dealt with/viewed by the BC High community. Diversity Cabinet is essential to the community as a whole in developing into a more progressive and accepting school.

The Cabinet itself compromises of people of many different backgrounds. There are white, Asian, black, Latino and Arabic people who attend Diversity Cabinet meetings. There are also varying, diverse opinions when it comes to issues of race and ethics and diversity, even politics. The conversations we have are varied; if something really important regarding social justice and the issues surrounding it occurs and is being talked about in current events, we have a discussion on it and argue our opinions on it, but we always bring it back to diversity, where every argument we have should stem.

As well as current events, we discuss race and sexual orientation and other topics similar to these as they relate specifically to BC High. If a student is suspended due to a racial slur, we argue over just punishment by turning our mindsets to a “hypothetical” situation so as to eliminate bias. Sometimes, there is weight in our words and suggestions from cabinet members relating to that hypothetical situation become reality for a student.

Diversity Cabinet is a fascinating and eye-opening experience, and it enables members to speak their opinions on even the grittiest of issues within the school without fear of judgement or of being ignored.