Sports Debate Club

Benjamin Bliss ‘23

If you’re that guy who knows everything about every professional athlete, you will fit right in at Sports Debate Club. This is where heated arguments ensue about everything from college football to NBA basketball and anything in between. Meetings begin with an icebreaker question (Who is the sports GOAT?) and are structured by a Google slideshow full of debatable topics. Members give their hot takes on these topics and then back up their claims with prior knowledge. There are no right or wrong answers: just popular ones and ones that people strongly disagree with. An example of one of these debates concerned which basketball player you would rather build a team around: Jayson Tatum or Kyrie Irving. Since Boston is strongly biased towards their young superstar, most sided with Tatum. Some defended Kyrie, however, stating that his ball handling skills and experience make up for poor chemistry. This inevitably started a “sports debate,” hence the name of the club. Other talking points were about when Tom Brady will retire, the new (possibly too young) Red Sox GM, and overrated teams such as the Warriors. To be a part of these conversations and more, attend a meeting after school on Tuesdays in room M211.