Taking Greek at BC High

Jack Gavin

Taking Greek at BC High is rare on its own, as the majority of students choose to enroll in chemistry, which appears the more straightforward route. Of the select group of students who end up taking Greek, over half are also enrolled in Latin. I have been taking Spanish at BC high since the seventh grade. When I first heard about the opportunity to take Greek at BC High, I thought that although it sounded interesting, I would not be able to take it due to my lack of knowledge regarding classical language. Towards the end of the year, I decided that both the honors boost and the fact that Greek was a language/lit course were enough to sway me into taking the class. I discovered immediately upon returning that Greek is…strange. There are enough random rules about participles and declensions to make my head spin, but despite this, there are a lot of really unique things about Greek as well. I found myself enamored with the little side tidbits of Greek culture I was hearing about in class, and I also decided that although it was hard, Greek was pretty unique. I was nervous for a while because Spanish, the second language I have taken at school since I was very young, is quite different than classical languages like Greek. However, I have ended up really enjoying both Spanish and Greek. I highly recommend that any student who is a “language/literary based” person should take Greek as a sophomore. This year, I am able to take a Spanish, English, and Greek course. For someone like me, who enjoys these subjects very much, this is a blessing. Ancient Greek may seem foreboding at first, but regardless of the other mainstream language you take, Greek is totally decipherable given time and effort.